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Q: How many miles is it from Seattle to the Panama canal?
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How many nautical miles away is new Orleans from the panama canal?

how many nautical miles from new orleans to the panama canal

How many miles long is the panama canal?

48 miles

How many miles from colon to panama canal?


How many miles from Panama canal to Vancouver bc?

A flight from Vancouver, Canada to the Panama Canal in Panama would take about 8 hours. There is approximately 3,722 miles between the two locations.

How many miles did building the panama canal save?

7 to 8 thousand miles

How many miles are saved ny using the panama canal?

approx, 8,000 miles

How many miles were cut off the voyage with the creation of the panama canal?

Over 6000 miles.

How many air miles between Panama City FL and Seattle WA?

2270 miles.

How many nautical miles from vancouver bc to panama canal?

Distance Between Vancouver and Panama3254.32 nautical miles

How many miles is it from Miami Florida to panama canal?

The distance from Miami, Florida to the Panama Canal is about 1162 miles, or about 1871 km. the distances cant be that far apart.........SM = NM x 1.14 Which is right?

Are there crocodiles in Panama?

Yes. There are many of them in the Panama Canal.

How many miles does the panama canal save on a trip from new york to san francisco?


How many miles by boat is it to San Fransisco from New York via the Panama Canal?

When travelling by boat from New York to San Francisco via the Panama Canal would be about 6210 nautical miles, or 11,500 km.

How many locks does the Panama Canal have?

There are a total of 6 locks on the Panama Canal, not counting padlocks

How many locks does the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal has three pairs of locks, twelve in total.

How many people has been to the Panama Canal Who was the first person on the Panama Canal how many people did it take to build the Panama Canal?

7000 people idk and lots of people there is a crowded population in panama city and colon

How many locks make up the panama canal?

There are 4 locks that make up the Panama Canal.

What kind of problems were involved in the making of the panama canal?

There were many deceases when people were making the panama canal. The canal had to be dug out of a mountain.

How many gates does the Panama Canal have?

the panamal canal has 46 gates

How many aqueducts does the Panama Canal have?


How many jobs did the panama canal create?


How many locks on the Panama Canal?


How many aqueduct does the panama canal have?


How many miles is it from Laredo Texas to the Panama Canal using the Pan American Highway?

The Inter-American Highway is the Central American section of the Pan-American Highway and spans 3,400 miles (5,470 km) between Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and Panama City, Panama. So about 3400 miles form just south of the US border to Panama City near the canal.

How many years did it take the US to make the Panama Canal?

It took the US 10 years to make the Panama Canal.