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Manchester is in Lancashire.

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Q: How many miles is it from lancashire to Manchester?
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What county is Manchester in?

Boringly, Greater Manchester. Historically, Manchester was part of Lancashire.

How many square miles is Lancashire?

Lancashire, England - 1,121 sq miles.

Is Manchester in Lancashire county?

No. Manchester is located in the county of Greater Manchester.

What Shire is Manchester located in?

Manchester is located in Lancashire.

How many miles is it from Lancashire to London?

Lancashire is quite a large county so anywhere from 200-300 miles.

How many miles is it from Edinburgh to Nelson Lancashire?

The distance between Edinburgh and Nelson in Lancashire is 211 miles....actually i believe it is 69 miles

Is Manchester in Yorkshire?

No it is in lancashire.

If Manchester United football club moved its ground to delph in Yorkshire would it still be Manchester United and if so why?

Delph is not in Yorkshire, It is in Lancashire. Yes Manchester United would still be, as Manchester is part of Lancashire.

How many miles from Cardiff to lancashire UK?

230 miles

What county area of England is Manchester?


How many miles is it from luton to Manchester?

It is approximately 177 miles from Luton to Manchester.

How many miles from wigan to Manchester?

15 miles following M61 MANCHESTER.

How many far away is Cornwall to Manchester in miles?

It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester

How many miles from huddersfield to Manchester?

25 miles taking M62 (WEST) - MANCHESTER.

How many miles are between Aberdeen and Manchester?

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

How many miles is it rochdale from Manchester?

how many miles is it to rochdale to Manchester

Is wigan inyorkshire?

No, it is in Greater Manchester, and formally in Lancashire

How long does it take to drive from Manchester to skelton in Cleveland?

The distance between Manchester, Lancashire, UK, and Skelton, Redcar and Cleveland, UK, is 116 miles and will take approximately 2 Hours 21 Minutes of driving time.

How many miles from Chorley Lancashire to Derbyshire?

Roughly 100 Miles to Derby from Chorley.

How many miles is it from Manchester to Dubai?

Distance from Manchester to Dubai is 5661 kilometers or 3518 miles

How many miles is Manchester England from London?

Manchester, England is about 200 miles from London, England.

How many miles from manchester to makkah in saudi arabia?

The distance from Manchester to Makkah is 3109.9 Miles.

How many miles are between Manchester England and gloucestershire England?

Manchester to Gloucester is 107 miles

How many miles from newton le willows to Manchester?

18 miles taking A580 MANCHESTER.

Is Whitefield in Manchester?

Its technically on the border between Manchester and Lancashire, so it depends which end of Whitefield you mean!