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It is about 4,339 miles from Miami to Juneau.

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Q: How many miles is it to drive from Miami Florida to Juneau Alaska?
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Can you drive to Juneau Alaska?

No you cant drive to Juneau Alaska because there are islands surrounding it. you have to take a plane.

What is driving time from Vancouver B C to Juneau Alaska?

You can't drive from Vancouver BC to Juneau. Juneau is on an island the only way that you can get there is by ferry boat or fly

How many hours drive is Miami from Florida?

Miami is in Florida.

How many day wouls it take to drive from Miami to alaska?

To Drive from Fairbanks, Alaska to Miami, Florida would take 66 hours non-stop and would need to take a toll route. If you were to walk for some reason, it would take you over 55 days.

How long does it take to drive from deerfield beach florida to Miami florida?

Deerfeild beach is part of Miami Florida

Can you drive to Jamaica for Miami Florida?

No, you cannot drive from Miami to Jamaica. Miami is located on the Florida mainland. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. Some form of air or water transportation is necessary.

What is the driving distance Miami to international Drive Florida?

what is the driving distance and time from international drive to Miami

How long is the drive to Miami Florida from Jacksonville Florida?

About 4 hrs

How long is drive from tampa Florida to miami Florida?

4 hours

How long does it take to drive from Miami Florida to Daytona Beach Florida?

It takes 3-4 hours to drive from Miami,FL to Daytona Beach,FL.

How long does it take to drive from California to Alaska?

Leaving from Yreka, California and driving to Juneau, Alaska it is about 2,362 miles, driving time about 48 hours.

How far is it from Washington D.C. to Alaska?

To drive from Washington DC to Juneau, Alaska one would drive about 3,755 miles. This would take about 67 1/2 hours. It would also require entering Canada. The drive to Fairbanks, Alaska would drive about 4,166 miles.

How far is a drive from Miami to Florida?

You can't get to Florida from Miami. Technically that's correct. Think about it. You're not going from one place to another. ;)

How long of a drive is it from Miami Florida to jaxsonville Florida?

4.5 to 5 hours

How many hours is the drive from Miami Florida to Orlando Florida?

Around 4.

How long does it take to drive from Miami to Florida?

Miami is located in the state of Florida. Driving from Miami to another city in Florida will incur mileage and driving time.

How many km from Tampa to Miami?

Tampa, Florida is 448.894 km from Miami, Florida. It would take a little over four hours to drive from Tampa to Miami.

How long does it take to drive from destin Florida to Miami Florida?

it takes 4-5 Hours depending on how fast you drive

How much will the gas be if you drive to Miami Florida and back?

Where are you driving from?

How far to drive from Miami to Marathon Florida?

106 miles

How long will it take to drive from Miami Florida to Louisville Kentucky?

According to, it will take approx. 16 1/2 hours to drive the 1083.76 miles from Miami Florida to Louisville Kentucky.

How many hours to drive from Cleveland Oh to Miami Florida?

To drive by car from Cleveland Ohio, to Miami Florida, will take on average 19 hours, driving time along, excluding stopping.

How many hour drive from Cuba to Florida Miami?

There is no way to determine drive time from Cuba to Miami FL since Cuba is an island.

How long does it take to drive from Davenport Florida to Miami Florida?

235 miles about 4 hours

Which road gets you to Naples Florida from Miami Florida?

You will probably drive on I-95, i-595 and I-75.