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Q: How many miles is it to travel around the border of the US?
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How many miles does CHOCOLATE TRAVEL?

it travel around your ares for a billion miles the poos in your face

How many miles is minnesota's Southern border?

Around 400 to 470! :)

How many miles do people travel around the world?

25,000 miles

If you travel all the way around the world at the equator how many miles will you travel?

24, 902 miles 24,902 miles

How many miles does it take to travel from the state of Pennsylvania to the state of New York?

They share a common border.

How many mile is it to travel around the earth?

24,906 miles

How many miles does light travel in year?

Around 5,881,986,000,000 miles (5.88 trillion).

How many miles would you have to travel to go around the moon?

6,785.99479 miles at the equator.

How many miles did the Jewish exiles actually travel to get to Babylon?

Around 455 miles.

How many miles wide is Idaho from border to border?

how many miles wide is Idaho

How many miles is considered one day travel?

That depends on who you are and how much you can travel in a day. For me and my family it's around a thousand miles.

How many miles does it take for the moon to travel around the sun?

I calculate 603 million miles.