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How many miles is kings Lynn from Manchester?

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190 miles taking this route:

  1. Take M62 LEEDS, from Manchester, to M1(S) LONDON at JUNCTION 29.
  2. Take M1 down to A52 to NOTTINGHAM and DERBY at JUNCTION 25; follow signs to A52 NOTTINGHAM.
  3. Take A52 to A17 KING'S LYNN.
  4. Take A17 to King's Lynn.
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95 miles taking this route:Take A10 (SOUTH) from King's Lynn to M11 to LONDON near Cambridge. Follow signs.Take M11 to London.

180 miles taking this route:Take A19 to The SOUTH, from Ormesby, to A1 to The SOUTH to WEATHERBY.Follow A1 to The SOUTH to A17 SLEAFORD.Take A17 to King's Lynn.

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