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It's not about the miles, but rather about how hard and how long you're riding. Road biking is a lot about endurance, so between dedicated riders it has to be 2-3 hours or more to "count". If you're not that into biking a sort of general definition of a workout is about one hour at an elevated heart rate.

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Q: How many miles on a road bike is considered a good workout?
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What settings should I use on a mechanical bike to simulate the cardio workout I will get when I ride my real bike uphill on a trail?

Increase the resistance on the bike and you'll simulate a good uphill workout.

Is a stationary bike good for American football?

A stationary bike is good for American football because it helps the players in their workout.

Where can I get a good work out bike?

If you like to use an exercise bike to work out, and don't mind some noise and wind, the Airdyne will give you a great workout. You can buy a good bike at

If you are 17 years old and run about 2 miles a day minus Friday and this considered a good workout?

Yes, but you should do other kinds of workouts like weight training.

Is 32000 miles on a 2005 Yamaha R1 for 4500 price considered high mileage or a good deal?

20000 miles on a motorcycle is considered the same as 100,000 miles on a car and has the same effect on the value which is to cause a large decrease. $4500 is an OK deal if the bike has never been laid down.

Which is best a regular bike or an elliptical bike for cardiovascular improvement?

There are many very god bikes out there that are very good and can give a great workout. They are cheap, reliable, and very effective. Amazon has a great selection.

Do exercise bikes elevate the heart rate enough to be a good workout?

Yes the bike is a really good for your cardio vascular workout. Their are a lot of benefits as, heart health and weight loss. If you want to see this benefits you need to elevate you heart rate to an adequate pace.

Can you really achieve noticeable weight loss with a home exercise bike?

A home exercise bike is like any piece of workout equipment. If you don't use it you won't lose it. Bikes are a great workout for the legs and if you push it can give a good cario as well. Don't forget to pump some iron to keep the body in balance.

Is riding a bike good for you or swimming?

They're both good but in different ways. Swimming will usually provide more upper body workout, but bike riding will allow you to run errands, maybe commute to school/work while exercising. It's probably also easier to have access to a bike and somewhere to ride than to go to a pool.

Is FreeAgent a good bike brand?

Yes it is. It's not considered a top tier brand, but it's very good all the same.

Are aerobic riders and stationary bikes similar?

No aerobic riders and stationary bikes are not similar. If you need a good warmup an aerobic rider would be perfect. The aerobic rider has a limit to its workout level. A stationary bike burns more calories and is used when you want a tougher workout.

How do you exercise your thigh?

That a good Question, And I got a good answer to it to because I do it. the answer is ride a bike for five (5) miles a day for seven (5) days a week