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How many miles per liter is in 50 miles per gallon?

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(50 mile/gallon) x (1.609344 km/mile) x (1 gallon/3.7854 liter) = 21.26 km/liter

We just noticed that this is not what the question asked, but it's

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The answer to the question is:

(50 miles/gallon) x (gallon/3.7854 liter) = 13.209miles/liter (rounded)

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30 miles per gallon = 12.75 kilometers per liter.

10 (kilometers per liter) = 23.52 miles per gallon.

22 (kilometers per liter) = 51.75 miles per gallon.

45 miles per gallon = 19.13 kilometers per liter.

25 miles per gallon is 10.6285927 kilometers per liter

9.6 (kilometers per liter) = 22.56 miles per gallon.

21 miles per gallon is 8.928 kilometers per liter.

30 miles per gallon equates to about 7.925 miles per liter of gasoline.

15 (kilometers per liter) = about 35.3 miles per gallon.

1 (kilometer per liter) = 2.35 miles per gallon. (2.35214583 to be exact).

20 miles per gallon = just over 8.5 kilometers per liter.

8.3 kilometers per liter is about 19.5 miles per gallon.

Fractionally over 142.03 miles per gallon.

12 (kilometers per liter) = 28.226 miles per gallon

12.94966 kilometers per liter equals 36.58 miles per Canadian gallon.

Multiply km per liter by 2.35 to get miles per gallon.

22 (kilometers per liter) = about 51.75 miles per gallon.

Well I typed20 miles per gallon in km per liter into google and this what it said....20 miles per gallon = 8.50287415 kilometers per literI can you were wondering you can also do this with google....2.4 usd per gallon in eur per liter2.4 (U.S. dollars per US gallon) = 0.433424204 Euros per literNifty huh....

28 miles per gallon equates to 11.9km/L

13.4 km per liter equates to about 31.519 miles per gallon.