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How many miles should you change the timing belt for a 2009 Honda civic ex sedan?


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2009-03-02 23:38:56
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80k-90k miles They go for about 150,000 but its safe to change it around 100k

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timing belt change 2008 civic

The 2007 Honda Civic has a timing chain that should last the life of the engine.

Never, the 2004 Civic SI has a timing chain as do all K Series engines.

recommended change interval is 60,000 miles

No, the 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid has a timing chain that should last a life of the engine.

I have a '90, my timing belt went at 90,000 miles. the guy at the garage said you should change it at 65,000-70,000

The 2006 Honda Civic does not have a timing belt, it uses a chain that should last the life of the engine.

You have a timing chain not a timing belt.

A 2011 Honda Civic does not have a timing belt on it. The vehicle does have a timing chain on it.

after 100,000 miles for ur fist change, then after 80,000miles then on

The 2007 civic has a timing CHAIN. Honda SIs had timing CHAINS from the very first model (2002) and the other standard Civic models had timing chains starting in 2006. So no need to replace it.

Discusss this with the Honda dealer in your area for the type of driving that you do.

It has a timing chain that should last the life of the engine.


You don't. Its no longer a timing "belt" its a timing chain, which never will need to be changed.

Most modern Civics require a timing belt change at 120,000 miles. Refer to owner's manual for your specific vehicle.

timing belts on Honda and acura motors should be changed every 70,000 miles, otherwise you run the risk of the belt breaking and bending valves

2006 Civic has a chain, no replacement necc. but the water pump still has to be looked at!

Ask for a Timing Belt Kit. This timing belt kit includes; 1 Timing Belt 1 Tensioner Pulley

A timing belt for a 2001 Honda Civic Lx needs to be replaced every 110,000 miles unless it is being driven in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

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