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There was about 9.7 million military personnel killed in world war one.

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About 25 Million Military personnel were killed during WW2.

Around 25 Million military personnel were killed during World War 2. Around 17 Million deaths were allied soldiers and the rest were axis military personnel.

14 000 died i did a project on this i hope its right lol.

Military personnel dead: ~ 1,700,000 Civilians dead: ~ 500,000

243 civilians and military personnel were killed.

so so many that you cant even count!

58209 died in Vietnam. 2000 more are missing.

405,394 military personnel died in World War 2, including deaths from disease, exposure, infection, burns and other maladies.

No Australian military personnel were killed in this conflict.

According to American War and Military Operations Casualties:Lists and Statistics, a report by Hannah Fischer, Information Research Specialist with Knowledge Services Group, there were 405,399 U.S. military personnel killed in World War II.Around 300,000 were from the US Army alone.

When the war ended in 1945, roughly 292,000 American military personnel had lost their lives.

125 military personnel and a total of about 150 when civilian casualties are included.

The number of military deaths for all US military personnel is 416,800.

It is estimated that approximately 17 million people died during World War 1. Of this number, 7 million were civilians and 10 million were soldiers or military personnel.

There were 36,516 killed including 2,830 non-combat deaths.

The British lost 450,900 people. 383,800 were Military personnel deaths and 67,100 were civilian deaths.

a lot of people died >the famous personnel johnny suckmythang died along with 2 other personnel's.

In WW2 over 100 million military personnel served.

Approximately 250,000 US military personnel; 45,000 UK military personnel; and 1000 to 2000 military personnel from some other nations.

Active personnel 176,500 Reserve personnel 445,000

Roughly about 300,000 military personnel and about 60-70,000 civilian dead

Approximately 600,000 civilians & over 2,000,000 military personnel.

There were over 16 million American military personnel serving at the time of World War II.

About 58% of the deaths in world war I were military personnel, the remaining 42% were civilians.

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