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Only one... Megan Young - in 2013.

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Q: How many miss world titles from Philippines?
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Is Miss Philippines Miss World 2013?

Yes, Miss World 2013 is Miss Philippines, Megan Young.

When was Miss World Philippines created?

Miss World Philippines was created in 2011.

What country won the most Miss World titles?

Venezuela has won the most Miss World titles (6).

What country in Asia has won the most Miss Universe titles?

Japan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines - they have each won 2 titles.

Who was Miss World 2013?

Miss World 2013, was Miss Philippines called Megan Young.

Who is Miss World Philippines in London 2011?

The representative from Philippines at Miss World 2011 was Gwendoline Ruais. She was the 1st runner up.

How many titles does India have in the Miss Universe competition?

India has 2 Miss Universe titles: 1994 and 2000

Which country has two Miss Universe titles and 5 Miss World titles?

India has won Miss Universe 2 times (1994, 2000) and Miss World 5 times (1966, 1994, 1997, 1999, 20000.

How many Miss World titles has India won so far?

India has won Miss World 5 times: 1966, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000

How many times has the Philippines won Miss Universe?

The Philippines have won Miss Universe twice: 1969 and 1973

What movie and television projects has Gwendolyn Ruais been in?

Gwendolyn Ruais has: Played Herself - Contestant in "Miss World Philippines 2011" in 2011. Played Herself - Miss Philippines in "Miss World 2011" in 2011. Played Wedding Planner in "A Secret Affair" in 2012. Played Herself - Miss World Philippines 2011 in "Miss World Philippines 2012: Pageant Night" in 2012. Played Herself - Challenge Facilitator in "Artista Academy" in 2012. Played Herself - Miss World Reporter in "Miss World 2013" in 2013. Played Herself - Guest in "The Ryzza Mae Show" in 2013.

Did Miss Utah win the most Miss America pageants?

No, Miss California, Miss New York, Miss Ohio, and Miss Oklahoma has the most Miss America titles (they each have 6 titles). Miss Utah has 2 Miss America titles.

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