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That is 340.081 ml.

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Q: How many ml are in two 6oz cups?
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How many ml equal two cups?

454 ml equals 2 cups.

How many ml's in 6 oz?

6oz is about 177.4mL

How many cups is 473 ml?

473mL is two US cups.

How many milliliters are there in two cups?

473.17 ml

How many millileters are in two cups?

That is 454 ml.

How many milliliters are there in two cups of water?

236.58 times 2, or 473.17643 ml in two cups.

How many cups equal to 450 ml?

450mL equals about two cups (US).

Two milliliters equals to how many cups?

2 mL = approximately 0.008 cups.

How many ml equals to two cups?

Approximately 80ml.

What is 6 oz butter in ml?

Assuming that the 6oz is FLUID ounces(as opposed to mass ounces). 6oz = 187.5 mL

How much in ml is 6oz milk?

That is approximately 170.097 ml

How many ml of soup is 6 oz of soup?

6oz is 170.478445 millilitres.

How much is two cups in milliliter?

Two cups in ml is 473.18 ml which is almost like 450ml

How many cups equals 455 ml?

455mL equals about two (1.923) cups (US).

How much is 175g of flour in ml?


How many cups in 375ml?

375 ml is 1.65 cups.375 ml is 1.65 cups.

How many ml are there in 12 cups?

That is 2,712 ml in 12 cups.

How many cups to 500 ml?

500 milliliters is slightly more than two cups. (2.113 cups to be exact).

How many cups is 720 ml?

720 ml of water is 3.175 cups.720 ml of water is 3.175 cups.

How many cups is 130 ml?

130 ml is 0.549 US cups.

How many cups is 365 ml?

365 ml = 1.54276479 US cups

How many cups is 345 ml?

345 ml is approximately 1.521 cups

3 cups equals how many ml?

3 cups is 720 ml.


1600 ml is 7.055 cups.

How many cups of water are 200 ml of water?

473.176474 milliliters are in two cups. There are 236.588237 in each cup. So there are:200(mL) / 236.6 (mL/cup) = 0.854 cup in 200 mL