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How many moles of Cl2 are in 50.0 grams of Cl2?

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# of Moles = Mass in grams divided by Molar Mass =5o divided by (cl x 2) =50 divided by 71 =0.704 moles


1 mol = Mr in grams

that is 35.5x2 g of Cl2 = 1 mol

71g of Cl2 = 1 mol

therefore 50g of Cl2 = (1/71) x 50

=0.704 mol

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79.3 grams Cl2 (1mol/70.9 grams ) = 1.12 moles

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Balanced equation. 2P + 5Cl2 -> 2PCl5 56.0 grams Cl2 (1 mole Cl2/70.9 grams)(2 mole PCl5/5 moles Cl2) = 0.316 moles PCl5 produced

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The number of moles in exactly 84 grams of chlorine (Cl2) gas 2,37.

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First realize that it takes 3 CL2 to produce one mole of CHCl3. So take 1.50 moles of CHCl3 * 3 moles of Cl2 / 1 mole of CHCL3= 4.5 mole of Cl2 The the atomic weight of Cl2 is 35.5*2=71g. 4.5 mole of Cl2*71g= 319.5g. of Cl2 needed.

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