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It used to be an old sixpence for the tooth fairy but now it seems a euro is the norm!

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Q: How many money does the tooth fairy gives you?
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What should you write in a letter to the Tooth Fairy saying that your tooth is lost?

Ha, when I read this I felt so many flashbacks. I remember one of my letters to her was something like this. Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost a tooth again! This is my (number) tooth that I lost already. Thank you for coming, it gives me a lot of support. Thank you for the money, too. I can't believe I lost a tooth again!

How come the tooth fairy gives some people 5 dollars gives others 1 dollar but gives others 20 dollars?

The amount of money left by the Tooth Fairy depends like many other things on supply and demand. The Tooth Fairy's requirement to collect teeth is fixed. If there are lots of teeth left under pillows all over the world on a given night then there is a large supply, but the Tooth Fairy's requirement for teeth (the demand) remains the same. When supply increases (lots of teeth left under pillows) and demand remains the same, the value or price drops and so the amount of money left for a tooth will drop. Unfortunately only the Tooth Fairy knows how much a tooth is worth on a given night so it is just a question of luck as to how much money you get. But as it's all down to luck, then probability states that over a lifetime of visits from the Tooth Fairy you'll sometimes get more and sometimes less and different people will get more or less money at different times but it should all work out evenly in the end!

Is the tooth fairy real?

There are three main opinions about the reality of the tooth fairy. Some people believe that the tooth fairy is real, and when a child loses his/her tooth and puts it under the pillow, she will come during the night to take the tooth and give the child a coin. Other people believe that the tooth fairy is only a mythical creature, and she does not exist outside of fairy tales. And some people believe that the tooth fairy exists in the hearts of children, even though she does not have a physical presence.Here are some other opinions on the tooth fairy's existence.Yes the tooth fairy is real. Your dentist knows the fairy quite well and will tell if you do not keep your mouth clean like you should.Every child will loose his baby teeth and it is part of growing up to lose them. When you start to lose your baby teeth, ask your parents what to do with them. They will help you find out exactly what the tooth fairy will do.The tooth fairy cannot be a fake. If you think about it, all deserving children will sacrifice a tooth for a treat, or even money. The healthier the tooth, the more value it has for the tooth fairy, so for example, if a tooth falls out because it is rotten it will not be worth anything.The tooth fairy comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes the fairy can be quick and sometimes very slow and clumsy. I have seen a tooth fairy stumble on a toy I left on the floor and there was so much noise that I could not sleep. My tooth was already gone from under my pillow and in it's place was a coin - it was a lot of money in those days.I know somebody who lost their tooth in the basin. The next morning, his father opened up the pipe and could not find the tooth, however, there was a small handful of change in the drain. So the tooth fairy can even swap a tooth for money in a drain pipe! Normally, the fairy knows where the tooth came from, so even if you loose your tooth before the tooth fairy arrives, you can probably still find a sweet under you pillow in the mornings.No. "Tooth fairies" do not really exist; fairies as a whole do not exist.Of course not! It is a parent's means to encourage their child to accept that they will lose their baby teeth - in exchange for money.

How many people dont believe in the tooth fairy?

ALOT of people don't believe in the tooth fairy. Like me. :)

Does the tooth fairy give you money if you pull it out?

That's the way it works for many, to see if it applies in your case, you will have to discuss with your parents

How many children does the tooth fairy visit per night?

Sorry, there are far too many to count, only the chief tooth fairy keeps a record.

How many people believe in the tooth fairy?


How many little kids believe in the tooth fairy?

almost all little kids under the age of 7 belive in the tooth fairy.unless u tell them the truth that there is no tooth fairy.

Are you sure the tooth fairy name is Lee?

There are many and many tooth fairys on Earth There could be one name Lee.

What color is the tooth fairy?

The color of the tooth fairy is not really mentioned, suffice to say that they are missing from African cultures. There are many different legends of tooth fairies though, so things aren't that clear.

How many teeth does the tooth fairy collect each day?


How many people do not believe in the tooth fairy?

Mostly everyone doesnt believe in the tooth fairy .Its somthing adults say to children when ther 8 and are loosing all of the teeth

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