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Q: How many mosques did Mansa Musa built in Mali?
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Is Mansa Musa a City?

No. Mansa Musa was the ruler of the Mali Empire.

Did Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of Mali?

Mansa Musa ruled the west african kingdom of Mali. Mansa Musa emphasized the wealth , power and importance of Mansa Musa

How did Mansa Musa spread Islam religion and education through mali?

He built mosques and Islamic buildings of learning or funded them and preached the Islam faith on his journey to and from Mecca.

What was notable about the Mali empire under the reign of Mansa Musa?

Under Mansa Musa, Mali was very rich.

Who is the ruler of mali?

Mansa musa

Who was the emperor of Mali?

mansa musa

Where did Mansa Musa rule?


What were Mansa Musa's political achievements?

Mansa Musa, or Musa I, was the emperor of the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1337. He brought Arabian scholars and architects from his journey to Mecca, and subsequently constructed many mosques and madrasas in Timbuktu and Gao.

When was Mansa musa trip to mecca?

Mansa Musa traveled to Mecca,from Mali,in 1324.

How did Timbuktu in Mali become an Islamic cultural center?

The greatest king of Mali, Mansa Musa returned to Mali after traveling. He returned with an Arab architect who built great Muslim houses of worship , or mosques, in the capital of Timbuktu. Under Mansa Musa, Timbuktu became an important center of Islamic art and learning.

How were sundiata and mansa musa similar?

Sundiata and Mansa Musa benfited Mali , because Mansa Musa expanded the Mali empire after Sundiata died in 1255.Mansa Musa derives from same social layer as Sundiata, who started this complex.

Mali's greatest king?

Mansa Musa was the emperor of Mali

Who was the greatest ruler of mali?

Mansa Musa

What country did Mansa Musa rule?


Who was the powerful king of mali?

Mansa Musa

Who was the rich ruler of Mali?

Mansa Musa

Was Mansa Musa the leader of Mali?


Who was mansa musa-?

Mansa Musa was the title given to the emperor or the king of kings of the wealthy Mali empire.

What did Mansa Musa achieve?

He made Mali twice the size of the old empire of Ghana. He also Built Mosques in two cities. One was Timbuktu. It became a leading center of Muslim learning.

What is mansa musa's tribe?

Mansa Musa was a descendent of the Mandinka people. Mansa Musa ascended the Mali throne in 1307 after a period of turmoil after the death of his predecessor, Mansa Uli.

Who was responsible for the growth of Mali's empire?

mansa musa

Who was Mali's first great leader?

Mansa Musa

What were the contributions of Mansa Musa of Mali?

cultral acchimvement

Who was the greatest emperor of the mali empire?

mansa musa

What areas did mansa musa rule?

Mali and Timbuktu