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On the average, mosquitoes take one millionth of a gallon of blood with each bite. That means it would take 1,120,000 bites to drain all the blood from an average adult human.


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Only one bite could kill, the mosquito is responsible for millions of deaths due to the female mosquito biting and causing deadly disease's.But disease's aside, it would take 1.2 million mosquito bites to completly drain all the blood out of your body.

The tapeworm can be found in many animals including humans. There are also the common flea, mite and mosquito that drain the blood from its hosts.

The veins drain the blood into the large veins of the neck which drains into the superior vena cava into the heart

Pack it with ice. The cold will repel the blood.

Because the doctors believed by draining blood that you would drain the fever from you, and make more clean blood.

The capillaries drain the blood into veins which drain into the large veins, inferior vena cava collects the blood from the lower part of the body and the superior vena cava collects blood from the upper part of the body, and they both drain the blood in the right atrium of the heart from where it gets pumped to the lungs for oxygenation.

The great and middle cardiac veins drain blood into coronary sinus. The coronary sinus is responsible for draining blood from the anterior ventricles.

what is the major artery and vein that deliver and drain blood to and from the head along the spinal cord?

The arteries. Unfortunately this is a badly worded question, but it essentially means from the heart, where does the blood go/drain to?

they drain blood from the kidneys.

Arteries drain (pump blood) into veins. Veins drain into your lungs and heart to be re-oxygenated. (This is not true for veins and arteries to and from your lungs.)

The superior & inferior vena cava.

The coronary veins drain blood that is low in oxygen from the myocardium.

drain the blood from your body.

Drain (oxygenated) blood from the lungs.

None. Arteries do not drain blood from organs they supply organs with fresh blood with nutrients and oxygen.

Because eating blood is wrong.Also it preserve the meat longer

If you are asking such a question then you ask an adult to do it.

I'd hiss at them and try to drain their blood!

They insert tubes into veins that are connected to a pump that draws the blood out and replaces it with a preservative fluid.

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