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How many movies has George Lopez made?

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george Lopez made 6 seasons.They were thinking about season 7, but george Lopez got cancelled right after.

there are 6 seasons of futurama and 4 movies... and george Lopez has 6 seasons as well. you can watch every episode of futurama on

3 i think 1 is George Lopez on Nick at Nite and a comedy show on comedy centeral idk the other one i know alot of his movies though

there are 120 episodes of George Lopez

George Melies made 500 movies in total

George Lopez did many things to be proactive. George Lopez is an actor and also a stand up comedian.

yes, George Lopez does have kids and a wife

He has directed 6 movies but has been involved in many, many more.

George Lopez and Ann Serrano has one child together, Mayan Lopez.

6 seasons. The George Lopez show ran from 2002-2007.

george Lopez won many awards he woned grammys for his comedy and acting

George Lopez has one sister that is 36 years old that lives in Northern California.

In 1993, Lopez married Ann Serrano. The couple has one child together, Mayan Lopez.

he influenced the Hispanics and many minorities

Jenifer Lopez has been in at least 32 films as of to date, July 31st. 2012....How many she has stared in is a different question....

They have made 51 movies.

I think Jennifer Lopez was in maybe 2... im not so sure.I do definitely know that she was in The Back-up Plan. :)

there are are 5 people in the Lopez family.

7 George angie Benny Vic Carmen Ernie max

1000000000 hercules movies were made.

There are about 17 Cleopatra movies that were made.

only six have been made but it was rumored that nine were written

George Lopez, a fairly popular comedian, has played in numerous comedic films and shows, and has also performed many stand-up comedy acts during his career. One of these recorded performances is known as "Why You Cyring", which was a television episode of "George Lopez" released in 2004.

The series ran for 6 seasons, from 2002 to 2007.

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