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alot that's why you burn alot of calories and are most the time sore

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you use about 72 muscles when you speak

There is no specific amount of lube that you should use during sex. You use however much you need.

When speaking, you use 72 different muscles.

Yes, people do use lots of muscles during a toe touch. It involves bending over, and each of the muscles in your arms, back, and legs are all used in the stretch.

When you exercise you use your muscles and your muscles contain Glycogen which could be considered your "energy source". during exercise your muscles use glycogen depleting your energy levels making you feel tired.

It takes 6 main muscles to run!!!

They use their tail muscles,and stomach musles so aproxamatly 34 muscles are used for a dolphin to jump?#@%!##$%$@#&%$@!!

When a person swims they use almost all of the muscles. They use their core muscles, shoulder, arms, legs, hips, etc.

You use many things. You use equipment and muscles.

pain in the stomach during sex and during pregnance early stages

You use approximately 200 muscles to walk.

When pitching you use many muscles Arms Legs Hips

There are several different muscles that are used during arm wrestling. One will use their forearms, biceps and chest muscles when arm wrestling. You will also use your Latissimus Dorsi muscle which is the muscle that is responsible for the internal rotation of the shoulder and spans the width of your back.

there are 19 muscles in the facial area and it takes 15 muscles to frown therefore it takes 6 muscles to smile

Clicking a mouse uses some of the smallest muscles in your body, the extensor muscles in the fingers. Many of them work together to achieve a click.

you use your leg muscles alot and your arm muscles. you use your leg muscles alot and your arm muscles.

It takes 37 muscles to frown. and 22 muscles to smile. so turn that frown upside down

There are 700 muscles in the human body. Of these 700, 20 muscles are used when writing and 43 are used when frowning.

you should use your core muscles the most... this way you don't hurt your back or arms in any way

A LOT of muscles are used in table tennis (if played at a high level). Legs are in constant use for quick movements etc. The core muscles are important to provide power for shots and stability. Obviously the arm muscles are also in constant use!

Absolutely not! When and how you have sex has nothing to do with what sex your child will be!

Yes you will get the poison ivy from his penis if you have unprotected sex with him.

You definitely use you're legs. You use your fingers for the trigger and your regular muscles for carrying the gun. Sometime you use your eyes for accuracy in shooting. It depends on what kind of movements you make during gameplay

any and all of them if you use them (it) enough

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