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Nerve endings are broken down in the human body and not calculated (such as different organs, skin, etc.) Please go onto: Ask your question.

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How many of nerve endings are in the skin?

There four nerve endings in the skin.

How many nerve endings are there in the foot?

There are over 7000 nerve endings in the foot. Actually closer to about 7200.

How many nerve endings are in the breast?


How many nerve endings are in the human body?

number of nerve ending in a penis

What part of the body has the most nerve endings?

i was told it was the penis or clitoris, is this correct? While many parts of the human body have an abundance of nerve endings allowing humans to feel and taste, the tounge is the body part that has the most nerve endings.

How many nerve endings are in your lips?

The lips (and tongue) are the most densely concentrated with nerve endings of any part of the human body, surpassing both this clitoris and frenulum of the penis. The exact number varies from person to person, but at a rough estimate I would say 10,000. Hope that helps

How many nerve endings are in the hand?

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the hand alone. These nerves send important signals to the brain during certain activities.

How many nerve endings are in your hand?

There are 2500 nerve receptors per square centimeter in the human hand.

Does it hurt to get your nipples pierced?

Yes there are many nerve endings located there.

How many nerve endings on finger tip?

How many nerve endings are in a finger 2500/cm^2. That's more than any other area of our body.

Do women enjoy analingus?

Yes, many do. The anus is rich in nerve endings.

How many nerve endings Are in the the butt?

There are about 2500 nerves in each butt cheek.

How does a single nerve impulse initiate many?

The nerve's endings are near to other nerve endings, when the potential of the potassium ion that is released is sensed by the other nerves they all might send an impulse to their other ends and the situation could be repeated.

Why is the tip of a cats tail so sensitive?

The tip of a cat's tail has many nerve endings that cause it to be sensitive. There are tiny bones that are surrounded by muscle and nerve endings in a cat's tail. Some cats have more sensitive tails than others.

In terms of receptor density describe why it is difficult to find the same location on the forearm when your eyes are closed?

There are not many nerve endings in the forearm therefore it is harder to locate the same spot again when your eyes are closed. Receptors are nerve endings that react to stimuli and changes.

Why does getting your arm cut off hurt?

Because its a body part and holds many many nerve endings, especially in the fingers.

Why does a cat shudder when you stroke it's back?

Cats have many nerve endings in the skin, just like humans.

Why is your tongue more sensitive than your elbow?

The number and type of nerve endings. Your tongue has many many more nerve endings close to the surface, while your elbow have far less, this is because the tongue is designed as a sensing means, (touch, temperature, taste, hydration, etc.,) while your elbow serves as a joint and lacks the diversity of nerve types and number found in the tongue.

Why is the pain worse after removal of the outer layer of a blister?

The tissue under the outer layer has many, many nerve endings which are very touchy.

Is there nerve endings in the brain?

There are no pain or motion neuroreceptors in the brain proper. This is what allowes the patient to be kept conscious during many neurosurgeries.

Can a humanbeings eyes be given to another person through surgical means?

It's impossible to completely transfer eyes, there are too many nerve endings that a doctor would be unable to reattach. Corneas however, can be transferred from person to person, and is often used as a cure to some types of blindness.

How many wed endings are there?

How many wed endings are there?

How many million nerve endings in your skin?

The human body contains multiple millions of nerve ending on the skin. They die and regenerate everyday. The exact number at any given time is unknown.

What has many blood vessels and nerve endings in the female reproductive system?

The clittoris. It is the area of a women's genitals that creates the most sexual feeling.

How many nerve endings in the entire body?

There are approximately seven trillion nerves in the human body. There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves and thirty two pairs of spinal nerve roots which then branch out to the rest of the body.

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