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Two Two.

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What etiquette do you need to know before entering a mosque?

i know one of the rituals is was behind your ears, arms, elbows and up your nosterals. i know one of the rituals is wash behind your ears, arms, elbows and up your nosterals.

How many different kinds or horses are there?

There are many many different kind of horses.There is quarter horses, stallions(wild),Arabian horses,Thoroughbred horses. Draft horses,Morgan horses,and many many more.There is over 100 different kinds of horses!

How many endangered horses left in the world?

Horses are not an endangered species, there are many thousands of horses in the world.

How many horses are in the Earth?

There are no horses in the earth, there are only horses on the earth

How many horses in Europe?

Europe is the home of horses. there are to many to count!

Do horses have many nostrils?

Horses have two nostrils. This is not really "many".

Did Cherokee Indians have horses?

they had many horses

How many horses were in the inaugural parade?

...there were horses......?

How evolved is the horses?

The horses is evolved for many.

How many horses does the queen have?

She has 25 horses

How many horses can you have on Howrse?

You can have as many horses as you want on howrse. One player used to have over 21,000 horses but sold some so she now has 18,000.I have over 2000 horses.You can have as many horses as you want. Some players have over 10,000 horses. Most people on horse have under 1,000 horses.

How many wiled horses are there today?

yes there are many wiled horses left

A troika is drawn by how many horses?


In betting how many horses in a Yankee?

4 horses

Is there horses in Texas?

yes there are many horses in Texas.

How many incisors do horses have?

horses have 12 incisors

How many horses did Ronald Reagan have?

the answer is he is allergic to horses

How many horses did crazy horse have?

34 horses

Do Americans have horses?

Yes, many Americans do have horses.

How many horses are in Ireland?

Exact figures are hard to come by but in horses used for sport there are over 100,000 horses, plus many more horses in other areas.

How many horses are in Massachusetts?

Use that map to figure out approximately how many horses are in Massachusetts.

Mixed breed horses?

There are many mixed breed horses. Many people will breed 2 types of horses that are specialized in one area to get a horse that is even better at that one thing. There are many mixed breed horses where you cannot tell all the breeds in it. They call those horses "grade" horses.

How many horses are in a head?

One horse is in a head. Two horses is two head of horses.

Mitch has 9 animals seven-ninths of them are horses how many horses does he have?

He has 7 horses

What do horses can do?

Horses are very diverse animals. Horses can race, jump and do many other things.