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Q: How many number 1 hits have the arctic monkeys had?
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How many albums has artica monkeys sold?

None but the arctic monkeys have sold a lot......

How do monkeys get their food?

Monkeys can get their food in a number of ways. Many monkeys will choose to forage for the food they eat.

How many monkeys does a zoo have?

The number would depend on the zoo.

Where can one buy tickets for the Arctic Monkeys tour online?

There are many different places were you could buy Artic Monkeys tour online. Some of the websites are: ticketmaster, goodseattickets, ebay, and more.

How many siblings do monkeys have?

Monkeys will have new siblings each year for a number of years. It is hard to say an exact number. Twelve to fifteen is highly possible.

Will the Arctic Monkeys do another album?

If you are asking about a next one after Humbug, yes, they will, they've said so many times so far.

How many monkeys are there?

there are too many monkeys to count. There are about 160 species of monkeys.

How many number 1 hits did Ronnie milsap have?

40 number 1 hits.

How many number one hits does mcfly have?

McFly have seven number one hits.

How many monkeys are in the wild?

1,000 monkeys

How many monkeys in a dozen?

12 monkeys

What are many monkeys called?

A troop of monkeys.

How many monkeys exist?

Asking how many monkeys exist is like asking how many humans exist. There is probably never a set number, there is probably a monkey being born as I'm typing this, and a human.

How many sets of teeth do monkeys have?

how many sets of teeth do monkeys have

How many tails do monkeys have?

Monkeys have one tail. Apes, which are not monkeys, have no tails.

How many monkeys are there in the book summer of the monkeys?

Not enough.

How many monkeys primates?

All monkeys are primates.

How many hits did the beatles have in america?

27 number one hits

How many monkeys live in the rainforest?

How many different monkeys live in the rainforest

How many Diana monkeys are left in the wild?

how many Daina monkeys are left

How many number 1 hits did ABBA have in Britain?

ABBA had 9 number one hits in the UK.

How many American number one hits did The beatles have?

The Beatles had 20 number one hits in U.S.A.

How many monkeys in the world?

We don't even know all the types of monkeys let alone how many there are we do know how many types there are 264 types but we don't know how many actual monkeys

How many feet do monkeys have?

monkeys have four legs

How many monkeys do you need to get the boomerang in Zelda?

4 monkeys.