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if your from the uk its 10

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Q: How many numbers does a Mobile Number have?
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How many numbers are in an Australian mobile number?


How many numbers does a Mobile Number have in Sweden?


Does One Direction have a mobile number?

Yes. They Do Have Mobile Numbers.

What is the mobile number of ghost?

There are no mobile numbers of ghosts. They are imaginary.

What is Sukhwinder Singh's mobile number?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal mobile numbers.

What is a mdn number?

Mobile Directory Number The actual phone number one would dial to reach a specific mobile phone. Prior to Wireless Number Portability, MDN was the same number as the MIN for many mobile phones. But now that MDN numbers can be ported (moved) to other carriers, MDN and MIN will be different for ported numbers.

Is there a directory for mobile phone numbers?

No, there is no directory for mobile phone numbers. Some telephone directory websites may include mobile numbers, but only if the mobile user has specifically asked for the number to be listed on that website.

What is Andy clemmensen's mobile number?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information such as mobile numbers.

Can you get someone's address from his mobile number?

In general, no. Mobile numbers are generally not publicly listed.

How I get mobile number from facebook?

You will go to a persons timeline and click on About Me and there you can find the mobile numbers.

What is a typical London mobile phone number?

All mobile numbers in the UK begin with 07 (or 44 if it is a text). There is no "typical London" mobile number.

What is Jedwards mobile number?

Jedward are always changing their mobile numbers so this would be a very difficult number to find.

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