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How many of the German casualties were on the Eastern Front?

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The Russians lost about 10 million soldiers on the eastern

front, of which approx. 4 million died as pow's (almost all Russian

pow's died in German captivity). In addition to that about 20

million Russian civilians died.

Germany lost in total 5.5 million dead soldiers and 1.8 million

dead civilians. In addition to that about 8 million German soldiers

were captured. On the eastern front approx. 3.5-4 million German

soldiers died (around 75%). At the end of the war, the Russians

held about 3 million German pow's, Americans held about 4 million

(of which they transferred 1 million after the war to the

Russians), and the british held about 1 million German pow's.

So the biggest losses of the Germans were indeed on the eastern

front, but if you also take pow's into account, losses are almost


This site contains a breakdown of all casualties during ww2 per


The German military suffered around 2,800,000 killed. Of these

around 2,000,000 died on the Eastern Front, 300,000 died on other

fronts, and 500,000 died in captivity. The Soviet Union suffered

14,500,000 killed total. Of these 3,330,000 died in captivity.

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