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Q: How many one fourth cups equal three fourth of acup in sugar?
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What happens to sugar in acup of tea?

it dissolves and then makes the tea sweeter

How much money does acup of sugar cost?

how much of money dose a cup of sugar cost

How many ounces in acup of lettuce?


How many oz in acup?

8 oz

What is less than a pint and what is its fl oz and ml?


What in 80 milliliters in a cup?

That is approximately 1/3 of acup

How many cups in 185g of tuna?

About 2/3 of acup

How many tea spoons in acup?

50 teaspoons in a cup

How many cups is an ounce?

An ounce is 1/8 of acup.

How many cups are in five ml?

5 ml is 0.022 of acup.

How many ounces liquid in a cup?

8 ounces of liquid in acup

How much is 40 g in cups?

That is approximately 1/6 of acup

How many oz does a cup of water weigh?

there are 8 oz's in acup

How many cups of flour the 175grams of flour?

About 3/4 of acup.

How many gramme are in acup of chocolate?

how many grams are in a cup of chocolate

How many cups of milk in ml?

Acup of milk is 230 ml.

How many ounces in a 1andhalf acup?

1.5 cups of water is 12 ounces

How many 600 grams in ricotta cheese to a cup?

There is approximately 246 grams of ricotta in acup

What does cup mat means in french?

acup mat is 'une sous-tassse' when used with a cup or mug. The same thing used with your glass is 'un sous-verre'

What time does Manchester city vs Manchester united f acup start in sydney time?

Sorry but it started at midnight AEST (Sydney) is over...Manchester United 3.Manchester City 2

How many ounces is one cup of corn starch?

The conversion between acup and oz are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . 1 oz -=0.125 cups. 8 oz ounces is one cup of corn starch.

Why we are able to sip hot tea faster from a saucer rather than acup?

Because the rate of evaporation depends upon the surface area exposed to the atmosphere. The surface area of a saucer is greater than that of a cup which makes it easier for tea to evaporate rapidly which thereby makes the tea cool.

What are two scientific observations you can make while you arepreparing acup of hot cocoa?

mixing cocoa powder with milk into a paste like consistency results in a liquid with viscous properties that are non linear to stress-strain forces. i.e the faster you whisk the thicker and glupier it gets! this technique also yields a wonderfully frothy hot chocolate. practice and enjoy :)

What size bra would an average 11-12 year old be?

The average bra size is a acup. But I have no boobs so i actually am guessing. ITS KINDA HERETITARY SO ASK AROUND UR FAMILY WAT SIZE THEY WERE AROUD UR AGE N THE SIZE YOU GET MOST OF IS THE ANSWER it depends, everyone from different genes are different just like tall and short, but typically anywhere from 30AA-36A at the most....unless u are larger, ask around ur friends what size they are, and if you are around theres then you know tht you arent....a little bigger then average