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How many openly gay US soldiers fought in World War 2?

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2009-07-10 23:18:59

Being 'openly gay' before the late 1960s in the U.S. (and most

European countries, too) was a complete no-no. If any man had been

obviously gay in the military there would have been really serious

trouble. There was an absolute **horror** of homosexuality that is

now hard to imagine. So, none were openly gay. In Britain, Quentin

Crisp - who was openly gay, with feminine mannerisms, who often

wore make up and so on - had a bit of a rough time in 1939. He was

subjected to a humiliating medical, after which one of the army

doctors said, "Male and female created He them". Crisp's papers

were stamped in large letters "Exempted from military service on

grounds of SEXUAL PERVERSION". That may convey something of the

flavour of attitudes at the time - and they were no different in

the U.S.

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