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According to Outsports, there are 11. The 11 are: Robert Dover (American equestrian rider), Guenter Seidel (an American on the equestrian team), Carl Hester (British dressage team), Blyth Tait (champion New Zealand horseman), Rob Newton (British hurdler); tennis players Amelie Mauresmo, Conchita Martinez and Martina Navratilova; Dutch swimmer Johan Kenkhuis (who came out earlier this year, and won won silver in the men's 4x100 freestyle relay), German cyclist Judith Arndt, and female German fencer Imke Duplitzer (who lost in the quarterfinals).

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Q: How many openly gay athletes are there of either sex in the 2004 Olympics?
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How many athletes competed in the 2004 Olympics?

Approximately 11,099 athletes competed in the 2004 Olympic Games.

How many athletes from USA compete in the 2004 Olympics?

According to, the US sent 613 athletes to the 2004 Games.

How many Indians Indian's are participating in 2004 Olympics?

A team of 73 athletes represented India at the 2004 Athens Olympics. To contrast, this year a team of 56 athletes is representing India at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I hope that answers your question.

How many athletes competed in the 1908 Olympics?

2004 or 2035 not sure

How many athletes from China compete in the 2004 Olympics?

According to, 407 athletes competed in 26 sports for China. Click on the 'China at the 2004 Summer Olympics' link below for more information.

How many athletes participate in the Olympic games from all over the world?

10,625 athletes participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 2,508 athletes participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

How many athletes did Korea send for the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Their site said they planned on sending 267 athletes but not sure what final count was for the 2004 team.

How many Great Britain athletes competed in summer 2004 Olympics?

Great Britain sent 271 athletes to compete in 22 sports at the 2004 Games in Athens.

Which countries had the largest number of athletes at the 2004 Athens Olympics?

As usual the Americans and Australians had the most athletes, but China and Russia also had a big number of athletes

What medals did Tonga win in the 2004 Olympics?

5 athletes representing Tonga competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. None of the 5 won medals.

How many Olympians are in the Summer Olympics?

According to, in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens 10,625 athletes from 201 nations participated.

What athletes were the best in the 2004 Olympics?

Hicham El Gerrouj won both the 1500m and the 5000m.

Who were the Australian heptathlon athletes in 2004 Olympics?

There was only one ... Kylie Wheeler from Perth who finished 18th.

How many medals did India win in 2004 Olympics?

Indian athletes won one medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics, that being a silver in men's double trap shooting by Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

How many men and women were in the 2004 Olympics?

10,625 athletes competed during the events held in Athens, Greece.

Was Madagascar in the 2004 Olympics?

Yes, Madagascar sent a team of 8 athletes to compete in the 2004 Games in Athens in swimming, boxing, athletics, tennis, and judo.

How many people compete in the olympic games?

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, 10,625 athletes competed from 201 countries.

How many Ethiopians compete in the Olympics?

At the 2004 Games in Athens Ethiopia had 60 athletes competing in two sports (Athletics and Boxing).

How many atheletes did north Korea take to 2004 Olympics?

36 athletes in 9 sports (13 men, 23 women)

How many athletes from Antigua qualified in the 2004 Olympics games?

Antigua sent 5 athletes to the 2004 Games in Athens. They won no medals. Athletics - Daniel Bailey, Brendan Christian, Heather Samuel Swimming - Malique Williams, Christal Clashing

Is Bolivia participating in the Athens Olympics for 2004?

Bolivia sent 7 athletes to the 2004 Games in Athens to compete in Athletics, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, and Swimming. They did not win a medal.

How many athletes from the US participate in the Olympics?

According to the United States Olympic Committee, the US sent 613 athletes to compete in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens and 211 athletes to compete in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

How many athletes will compete in 2008 Olympics?

That number has not yet been determined since most Olympic committees have not had all of their competitions to determine who will be selected. There were 10,625 athletes that competed in the 2004 Games in Athens so it would be safe to say the number of athletes will be over 10,000.

Were steroids available to enhance athletes' performances during the 2004 Olympics?

Yes, performance enhancing substances were available to those athletes participating in the 2004 Games. The International Olympic Committee has stringent policies and testing procedures when it comes to performance enhancers and several athletes were expelled from their teams or lost their medals due the use of prohibited substances.

How many medals did the Italian Olympic team win at the 2004 Athens Olympics?

Italian athletes won 32 medals (10 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze) at the 2004 Games in Athens