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Almost all the south Asian countries follow Buddhism. In China also, it is the largest religion leaving the atheist.

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What religion overshadowed Buddhism?

Buddhism is still a living religion today and is gaining in the number of adherents in many countries. It would appear that, to thee unbiased observer, no religion is overshadowing Buddhism. Adherents of other religions may point to their own religion as being superior to Buddhism.

Is there Buddhism today?

Buddhism is a thriving religion, till date. One can find practicing followers of this religion in India, Nepal, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other South Asian countries.

How many countries follow Buddhism?

Generally speaking, it is individuals who follow Buddhism, not countries. However, Buddhism is the state religion of Cambodia and Bhutan, and receives prominent mention in the constitutions of Thailand and Sri Lanka.

what countries where the religion is practiced in Buddhism?

Buddhism is practiced in many countries The top countries are Thailand , Cambodia, Myanmar,Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Laos, Vietnam,Japan,Macau and Taiwan.

How does the Hinduism and Buddhism religion effect government?

Hinduism & Buddhism are reflected in governmental laws as well. In many countries laws are made according to belief of Hinduism & Buddhism.

Today Buddhism is least evident in what country?

Today, Buddhism is probably least evident in many of the Muslim nations. Countries like Saudi Arabia, outlaw any religion other than Islam.

Do people today still practice Buddhism?

Yes. Buddhism has about 500 million followers throughout the world. Many others incorporate some aspects of Buddhism into their lives even if they follow other religions. In some countries in the western world Buddhism is the fastest growing religion.

Buddhism is a religion in which country?

Buddhism originated in India but is prominent in China and present in many countries around the world. China, is one of them. It is mostly in Asia.

How many countries celebrate Buddhism?

None of the countries celebrates Buddhism

Is Buddhism religion?

yes, Buddhism is a belief.Answer:Buddhism is a religion for many purposes - taxes, charitable status, lists of religions in text books. It is not counted as a religion by some other faiths who feel that a religion has to have the concept of a deity somewhere in its make up, Buddhism does not to this s these folks count Buddhism as a philosophy. It should be pointed out that Buddhism has a concept similar to "souls" and afterlife, a system of monks and nuns and temples which are usually associated with religion.

Which are the places where Buddhism is followed?

Personally I think it was followed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and countries in that area.Answer:Buddhism is followed in almost every country of the world. In many western countries it is the fastest growing religion.

What Nationality are Buddhism?

There are Buddhists of almost nationalities. The only exceptions are nations where there is no freedom of religion, such as many Muslim countries.

What is the religion of southern Sri Lanka?

The religion that most people follow in southern Sri Lanka is Buddhism, although there are many people who follow religions other than Buddhism.

What is the present status of Buddhism in India?

Buddhism is freely practiced by many, as a minority religion in India Hinduism is the dominant religion in India, but many other religions are practiced, including Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, and many more.

What type of religion is Buddhism?

noneAnswer:Buddhism is alternately viewed as a religion and as a philosophy. It has many of the elements of a religion (soul, afterlife) but not others (god(s))

What god Do Chinese Worship?

Just like in the USA, and most other countries, not everyone in China worships the same god. However, Buddhism is currently the largest religion in China. If you would like to know more about Buddhism, there are many sites available on the Internet on this subject.

Is the Buddhism religion polytheistic?

Polytheistic means "having many gods" Buddhism has no gods. Buddhism is therefore not polytheistic, or monotheistic

What is the culture and religion of Canada?

Protestant, Catholic, Islam, Buddhism, Wicca, and many other religions, agnostics, and atheist.

What cultures did Buddhism affect?

Buddhism effects the cultures and countries of China, India, the Middle east and many countries in Asia

What is the religion of srilanka?

Sri Lanka has many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and many others. However the main religion is said to be Buddhism. Hope that helps

Religions practiced in Vietnam?

The main religion practiced in Vietnam is Buddhism. Many followers of this religion practice a mixture of Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

How many percents of the Buddhism in the world?

Buddhism is the fourth largest religion at about 6% - 7% of the world population.

When did Buddhism start and end?

Well Buddhism start in approximately 563 BC and it has never ended. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world and is growing faster than many other religions in Europe and North America.

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