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How many oxygen sensors are present on a 1999 Nissan Maxima SE?


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2015-09-06 01:42:35
2015-09-06 01:42:35

There are three sensors on this model/year. They are classified as being in Bank1 and Bank 2. Bank one would be the most forward one (visible from inside the hood). Bank 2 would be the one closer to the firewall, and the third one is in your cat.


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There are four oxygen sensor in a Maxima 2001. See for a diagram location.

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There are two oxygen sensors on a Nissan Sentra. This vehicle is an ultra-low emission car, thus needing only two oxygen sensors.

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I'm getting terrible gas mileage and i need to know how many are in the vehicle.

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The upstream oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust pipe between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter The downstream oxygen sensor is located at the catalytic converter outlet

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there are two located on the y pipe prior too the pre cats and one more in the rear converter

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