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How many paintings are there called Garden?

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Is there a plant called devils garden?

There are so many devils garden but we have many devils garden in america and all over the world.

What is the name of a series of oil paintings by Claude Monet depicting his flower garden at Giverney?

The most famous series of such paintings is the one in the Orangerie Museum in Paris. It is simply called Les nymphéas (Water Lilies).

Did monet do his artwork in his own garden?

Yes, his lily pond series and many other paintings were done there. He also ventured out to paint, his Haystack paintings in the farm land, and the Cathedral facade series.

What was Monet's favorite painting?

It is not known whether Monet considered one of his many paintings better than others. Today's Monet-fans favor several of them, e.g. some of his many paintings of waterlilies in his garden at Giverny, his preferred subject for many years.

Series of oil paintings by Monet depicting his flower garden?

Water Lilies, (or Nympheas) a series of approximately 250 oil paintings

What was the garden made for Adam and Eve called?

The garden that was made for Adam and Eve is called:"Garden of Eben""Garden of Eden"

Sheridan Knowles 'Visiting Grandma's Garden' paintings?

Hello Is there a painting called " After the Painting " about 1902 by George Sheridam Knowles that possible was painted after the one called " There they go " Thank you Tom Lattimore

Why does Edward manet paint in a garden?

Manet did not paint in a garden. Monet, however, did. Manet was most famous for his paintings Olympia and Dejeuner sur L'herbe.

What do ladibugs eat?

Many feed on garden insects called aphids.

What is the garden in the underworld called?

pesesophones garden

What is a collection of paintings called?

The collective noun for a collection of paintings is a collection of paintings. Other general collective nouns can be used according to circumstances, for example, a display of paintings, a gallery of paintings, etc.

How many paintings did Leonardo paint?

30 paintings.

How many galeries have hundertwassers paintings?

1000 paintings

A garden of fruit trees is called an?

A garden of fruit trees is called an orchard.

What is the garden at the front of the house called?

the garden in front of a house is called a yard

What is it called when you have four paintings?

a person with four paintings jeez. or if painted them then it is "Artist". WOW

What is the simple subject and simple predicate of many large paintings hung on the walls?

Many large paintings hung on the walls. You are talking about "paintings", the subject. "Many large" are descriptive words of paintings. The paintings "hung"-- the word of the action for the paintings. Many large and on the walls--Those are the words confusing you. Step back from wordy or complicated sentences and try to simplify them that way.

What was the subject that Claude Monet painted?

Monet mostly painted paintings related to landscapes. Many of his paintings are of flowers, trees, and water lilies. He did several of the same subjects. One of his most famous paintings is called "Water Lilies."

What is a group of paintings called?

How about a collection?

Why hanging garden of India is called as hanging garden?

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How many paintings are at Versailles?

There are 6123 paintings in the Versailles chateau.

How many paintings did Matisse paint?

215 paintings altogether

What were paintings called in ancient rome called?

fresco or mosaic

What is the name of the objects used to worship Hindu gods?

They are called murtis; paintings of Brahma in many forms

What is the name of the garden where Jesus was arrested?

The Garden that Jesus was arrested in is called The Garden of Gethsemane.

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