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1 in 3 family's cant aford it

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Q: How many parents cannot afford to care for their babies?
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How do parents take care of their babies?

It depends on if their parents want their children or not.

How does the bald eagle care for its babies and what are the babies called?

The young are called eaglets. Both parents help take care of them.

Do great white shark parents care for their babies?


How do adult jaguars take care of their babies?

Jaguar parents are very caring. The watch their babies carefully and teach them how to do things patiently. Jaguars take good care of their babies. =D

Is it better to put my parents in a nursing home or take care of them myself?

If you cannot provide them with the medical care that they truly need, then your best bet is to place them in a home where they can be safe. However, an alternative is a live-in specialist if you can afford it, who comes to the house.

How long do Salamander babies stay with their parents?

salamanders are not known to care for their young

Do coral snakes take care of their babies?

Nope - as with all snakes, once the babies arrive, they are completely independent from the parents.

Who takes care of the babies of a king cobra?

Nobody !... Once the babies arrive - they're completely independent - and as venomous as their 'parents'.

Do parents care for their babies or not?

This question has varying answers as many people are extremely different in behaviors, attitudes, morals, etc. However, it is common that most parents have some degree of care for their babies (most care a lot for their children). Think of it this way, they house, clothe, feed, and have fun with their babies. That is extremely caring in my book.

Why do parents treat their kids like babies?

your their child, they care about you, and they do not want you to grow up

What were the side effects of World War 1 towards the children?

lots of radiation, babies were killed, and the parents to the babies were killed so they had no parents to take care of the so obviously that babies all died in the end.

What factor influences the early detection on childhood disease by a physician?

whether the parents can afford health care

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