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ranging from 1-12. i once found one with 20. pretty cool. right?

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How many peas are there in a a pod?

there is 1 pea in the word pod

How many peas r there in a pod?

count them

What is the collective noun for peas?

The collective noun for peas is a pod of peas.

Does peas come from a pod?

no peas do not come from a pod they come on a vine

What is the Average number of peas in a pod?

there are 4 peas in a pod

How many peas in a regular sized pod?

Depends on the type of peas, but around 6 usually

How many peas are typically in a peapod?

The number of peas in a pod can vary greatly by the species of pea plant. It is always at least 2 and the average is around 8-9 peas in a pea pod.

Does pod length determines peas in pod?

Pod length not determines, but influence the number and size, the peas is determined mainly by the gene

Can you use pod in a sentence?

Two peas in a pod.

What is a group of peas called?

They are formed in a pod.

How many peas are there in a pod?

there is only one because people are asking "How many p's are there in pod "so there is only one!

As alike as two peas in a pod is an example of what figure of speech?

'Like two peas in a pod' is a simile.

What does three peas in a pod mean?

As an idiom, nothing. The saying is two peas in a pod, which is a way of saying that two people are very much alike, as similar as a pair of peas from the same pod.

What do peas grow in?

A pod.

What peas grow in?

A Pod

How do you shell purple hull peas?

purple hull peas grow in a long pod and each pod contains about 5-8 peas. It is pretty simple, you just crack the pod open and the peas fall out. Make sure to blanch them before you freeze them.

What is another word for pea cover? peas in a pod.

Peas in a pod are called?


What is found in a pea pod?


What actors and actresses appeared in Peas in a Pod - 2011?

The cast of Peas in a Pod - 2011 includes: Lance Lash as Joel

How do you say two peas in a pod in Spanish?

Dos guisantes en una vaina is how you say two peas in a pod in Spanish.

What does two peas in a pod mean?

Two peas in a pod means to be very similar in something. In a literal sense, two peas in the same pod are identical. This expression is then used when two people, two animals, or objects are very alike.

What are the ratings and certificates for 3 Peas in a Pod - 2013?

3 Peas in a Pod - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:NC-16

How peas disperesed?

Peas are dispersed by explosion. The skin of the pod dries and splits open and the peas shoot out

How do peas disperse their seeds?

peas disperse their seeds by self dispersal. When the pod dry's out the peas literally explode out of their pod and land somewhere new ready to grow into a new plant.

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