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Look under the question "Is there still a North and South Vietnam?" or something like that. It's similar.

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There are 86 million people in Vietnam as of 2011

829832 people are estimated to be "homeless in Vietnam.

billions of people because Vietnam was populated in Australia

Around 20 million people survived the Vietnam War.

See: Vietnam War casualties.

about 2000 doctors per 1000 people in Vietnam SUCKS

According to the list of people living in Vietnam today (July, 2013) was 92,477,857

60,000 people in the war fought the air force of vietnam.

There are 58,272 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Because of all the violence and bombing

3,800,000 Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war.

During the Vietnam War and in years after, many people in Vietnam wished to escape from the communism of their homeland. Australia was their destination as it was close by and Australia allowed these Vietnamese people to settle there.

Racism was very common in many places in the times of the Vietnam War.

Over 300,000 US servicemen were wounded in the Vietnam War.

one person died in "the" car accident in vietnam.........

South Vietnam had about 1 million men under arms at any one given time.

in the vietnam war 7,ooo,ooo people died

Preliminary reports indicate that at least 10 people were killed by Typhoon Haiyan in Vietnam.

Many people live in Vietnam because they were born and raised in the country. Some people live there because they love the weather, the landscape, or the culture.

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