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About 27 million people a year are victims of identity theft.


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There are many policies and protections in place to prevent identity theft. Many people are just not cautious with their identity and can do more for themselves to prevent identity theft.

The best way is to just get identity theft protection. There are many people who do this. Some poplular protectors are Life Lock, Identity guard, and Protect My ID.

People can proactively take protection for the nuisance of identity theft by doing many things such as buying identity theft protection, and taking proper precautions such as securing safe personal information and not divulging it to 3rd parties.

Very, it affects many people and can seriously destroy their life.

There are many websites offering information on identity theft statistics. However, most of these websites are also selling an identity theft protection plan. For an unbiased view of statistics check out the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) they have an area devoted identity theft statistics.

The worst form of identity theft is any kind! This is a terrible terrible crime and one that needs to be taken extremely seriously. The damage that is done by this crime can be felt by many of thousands of people.

1 in 6 people fell victim to identity theft last year, costing consumers and businesses over $50 billion. Only 28% of those people fell victim to financial identity theft, which is the easiest to repair. The other 72% were medical, drivers license, social security and character/criminal identity theft. The AARP just announced that medical cards are being sold on the black market for around $500 each and each card is being sold to multiple people. People with no insurance and illegal aliens are buying these cards left and right. What does this mean to you and me if our insurance card is duplicated and sold? It means their is somebody out there using your card for doctor visits, blood transfusions, cancer treatments, transplants and it could be multiple people in multiple states. And the average person doesn't know their identity has been stolen for 2-3 years. How do you even begin to fix something like this? You can't on your own. On average it costs identity theft victims $1500 to repair their identity after they find out it has been stolen. Identity Theft Shield is the only identity theft protection agency available that will completely restore your identity if it is stolen at no extra charge. Go to to find out more information and how to protect yourself and your family.

I do personally think that social security numbers are needed to prevent identity theft. Although there are many instances of identity theft, the instances would be greater without social security numbers to help identify citizens with.

Although criminals that steal identities are getting more and more sophisticated, and there are increasingly more security measures to prevent this, the vast majority have their identity stolen because they do not take the most basic precautions. Keeping passwords and PINs secret, shredding bank statements and documents with personal information on them etc.

Identity theft is a frightening reality. While this crime has been going on for years, the internet has made it all too easy for criminals to steal personal information from innocent consumers and begin opening fraudulent accounts. These thieves can ruin a person's credit, making it impossible for them to obtain loans or other forms of credit in the future, unless they fight back.What Is an Identity Theft Lawyer or Attorney?An identity theft lawyer is one that helps the victims of identity theft reclaim their identity and gain control over their finances. These lawyers will work with law enforcement officials to investigate the crime and help victims take the right steps in clearing their name.When a victim realizes that their identity has been stolen, their first reaction is to be devastated and confused. Most people don't know how to stop an identity thief. They wonder whether they will be forced to pay for the financial damage and how they could possibly repair this situation. A lawyer that specializes in helping victims of identity theft will be able to direct victims in taking the right steps and work to repair the damage.Once an identity theft attorney is contacted, he or she will first make sure that the credit bureaus are aware of the crime. If the victim has not contacted the credit bureaus, the lawyer will contact the credit bureaus and have a fraud alert placed on their client's file. This will ensure that the identity thief will not be able to open any more accounts in the victim's name.An identity theft lawyer will also make sure that a police report has been made. The lawyer will encourage a thorough investigation and contact the proper authorities. Many times, this can be difficult for a victim, as they are unsure of who to contact and what actions need to be taken. Hiring a lawyer will help a victim is take the proper legal steps to reclaim their identity.Identity theft lawyers will also determine what accounts have been fraudulently opened and how much financial damage the thief has caused. Once this has been established, the lawyer will contact the victim's creditors and work to correct the situation. In many cases, a lawyer will be able to close fraudulent accounts much faster than a consumer would alone. Even if a lawyer cannot close the accounts on behalf of his or her client, they will be able to direct the client in how to do so.In extreme cases, an identity thief will have committed a crime or received medical care in his or her victim's name. An identity theft lawyer will also be able to help correct this situation. While identity theft is a serious and malicious crime, the right lawyer can help a victim improve their situation and reclaim their identity.

there were many many victims mainly jewis people

There are many ways to shield oneself from identity theft. Primarily the safeguarding of information on the internet through companies such as LifeLock help to prevent the crime.

One of the top resources for identity theft is Experian. Experian offers many services to it's clients which include insurance protection on phones and other products.

Yes, hsbc online is safe against identity theft. They take many steps to protect their clients, and offer many services to insure you are safe. They offer reimbursement for theft.

There are many companies that offer identify theft protection, though never at an affordable price. Life lock is one company that offers an affordable identity theft protection at a cost that suits your specific needs.

Many insurance companies offer this. One such insurance company that offers identity theft insurance is Great Lakes Insurance Associates (

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a report released in 2007 revealed that 8.3 million American adults, or 3.7 percent of all American adults, were victims of identity theft in 2005.[34] The latest report from the FTC showed that ID theft increased by 21% in 2008. However, credit card fraud, that crime which is most closely associated with the crime of ID theft, has been declining as a percentage of all ID theft. In 2002, 41% of all ID theft complaints involved a credit card. That percentage has dropped to 21% in 2008.[35]

Many people now make it a routine where they check their background (self-background check) in order to secure their identity. Though a relatively new idea it's growing very quickly.

There are many different ways to sign up for identity theft protection plans. Each company offers different services at different prices. Prices start fairly cheap.

There are many ways someone could be alert over identity theft. This includes monitoring your credit reports and using online services which provides help with keeping ones' information secure.

so many possiblilities for new crimes (hacking, cyber theft, identity theft, cyber bullying) hardly any privacy

It's hard to tell. Since LGBT people are not forced to disclose their sexual identity on forms such as sensuses, it is hard to tell how many victims of violent crimes were LGBT or not.

Identity is important to indigenous people because personal identity is closely tied to personal identity. It provides a sense of security for many people.

Protect My Identity software can accomplish many things for your computer. Primarily, it is used to protect the information stored in your computer, which helps prevent identity theft and other forms of security breaches.

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