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I believe in horoscopes- my own, anyway. I just made one using my Tarot cards for June 26 2007- June 26 2008. It looks pretty good for my family- except for September.

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about 70% of people read their horoscopes

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Q: How many people believe horoscopes?
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Is a daily horoscope reliable?

Many people believe in daily horoscopes. There is nothing scientific to support this but it is up to your own discretion to determine if you believe in horoscopes.

Do people that believe in horoscopes believe in God?

Some people who believe in horoscopes believe in God while others do not. Some may believe in other gods.

Do you believe your daily horoscope?

This is a subjective question, but answering as objectively as possible will be the goal here. Daily Horoscopes change many people's outlook on their day, and many believe in it, while there is also the group that does not in any way pay attention to daily horoscopes.

In what way do horoscopes influence us?

They influence people who actually believe in them. For example, if their horoscope says that something bad will happen today, they will be more careful. Although there is no proof that horoscopes do influence a person's behaviour or characteristics, astrology and horoscopes have been used by many cultures throughout history. There is strong evidence to suggest that many leading scientific pioneers were interested in astrology and horoscopes and believed they had some value. The validity of horoscopes can be questioned, however, such figures as Carl Jung, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus all had an interest in horoscopes and astrology in general

If horoscopes aren't real why do we use them then?

For entertainment. People like to hear their fortunes, even if they don't really believe in it.

Where can I find Sagittarius horoscopes?

Many people enjoy getting their horoscope. The website offers free daily and weekly horoscopes.

What do you call people who write horoscopes?

An Astrologer is someone who writes horoscopes. :D

Is it scientific to believe in horoscopes or numerology to predict your future outcomes?

Astrological horoscopes and numerology are considered divination arts and not recognized by the Scientific community.

How many horoscopes are there?

a lot.

What types of advice can be received from horoscopes?

Horoscopes offer advice that ranges from love and relationships to money and finances to family. Some people use horoscopes to guide them in their everyday life.

Is it hard for people that are Gemini to be nice?

Horoscopes are merely superstition. It is rediculus to believe that every person born within the same month has identical personalities.

Where can one find a Capricorn daily horoscope?

Cafe Astrology and Horoscope are two websites that offer daily horoscopes to readers. Each site gives a daily horoscope for Capricorns. The online newspaper, Huffington Post, also has daily horoscopes for Capricorns.