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He married one person mitilda One person mitilda. Matilda of Flanders, who was married to William in 1053.

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Q: How many people did William the Conquerer marry?
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Why Westminster Cathedral get the name The Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood?

because so many important people have been buried there. For example William the Conquerer, William Shaakespear and Henry VIII

How many french barons did William the Conqueror bring to England?

William the Conquerer brought roughly 200 to 300 french barons to England . Most people would have thought he would have brought much more .

What factors led to the development of feudalism?

Many such as viking raids, and William the Conquerer, led to a huge increase in feudalism.

Which people did William the conqueror kill?

There is no historic record that William the Conquerer killed anyone personally with his own hands. At the Battle of Hastings in 1066 William's invading army killed many defenders of England in the army of King Harold.

Why did William the conquerer build castles?

There are many awnswers to this question such asprotectioncomfortpunish people in his dungeonsto see what people are doingto be in control of that landto controll rebelionstax collection basesto keep his people safe when attackers keep his name powerful

What was the Tower of London used for originally?

It was a fortress stronhold built by William the Conquerer as a physical show of his dominance over the people of London and England. It was never a royal palace, although many royal family members spent time there.

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William the Conquerer controled Britain by setting up lots of Motte and Bailey castles around the Countory. Each castle was controlled by one of his trusted barons. Lots of the Motte and Bailey castles later turned into stone castles. He succeeded in controlling England as it stroke fear into Englishmen. Despite all this, there were still many rebelliens.

Who did William Shakespeare marry and how many children did they have?

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