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The story of Medusa is a myth, entirely fantasy. There is no record of how many people were turned to stone. Which, in this context, is impossible.

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Does Medusa try not to turn people to stone?

There is no proof that Medusa could not help but to turn people to stone.

How does Medusa turn to stone in The Lightning Thief the book?

Medusa herself did not turn to stone. She was simply decapitated. However, she did turn many people (such as Grover's uncle Ferdinand) into stone.

What does Medusa like to do?

turn people to stone

Was Medusa kind to people?

no she turn them to stone

What did Medusa like to do?

turn people to stone

What did Medusa liked to do?

turn people to stone

Was Medusa an archer?

Medusa was not an archer- she was a monster who could turn people to stone.

Why did Medusa want to turn people to stone?

Medusa didn't "want" to do that; it was her nature.

Why was Medusa famous?

Medusa was famous for being able to turn people or animals to stone.

Did Medusa kill someone?

Medusa killed many "someones." With her gaze she could turn people to stone and she made use of that gift.

Does Medusa want to turn people to snake?

No; they turned to stone, not snakes. Medusa had snakes for hair.

Why is Medusa bewared?

people were scared of medusa because one look at her would turn you into stone

What type of job did Medusa do?

Medusa was one of the three "gorgons" their job was to turn people into stone.

What was Medusa's strengths?

Medusa could turn people into stone.

Could Medusa turn females to stone?

Medusa could turn anyone to stone. One look at her face, and you turn into a stone statue.

What supposed to happen when you gaze into Medusa?

You will turn into stone if Medusa wasnt looking at you but if st you he was looking at you, you will turn into an stone

Does Medusa kill people and hunt them?

no, she looks into their eyes and they turn to stone.

What is Medusa's talent?

Medusa can turn people who meet her eyes into stone.

Is maduca the woman with snakes as hair and eyes that can turn people to stone?

Her name is spelled Medusa, and yes she can turn people to stone with her eyes.

Who could turn man to stone in mythology?

well in Greek mythology Medusa could turn people to stone by looking at them.

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