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How many people did the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 kill?

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it killed about 20 million people worldwide

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Can influenza kill people?

Sometimes it can kill you it depends how big the virus is

How many people did the polio epidemic of 1948 kill?


How is influenza harmful?

Influenza is a disease that can kill you.

How many people did spanish influenza kill?

20,000,000 ( twenty million)

How does influenza kill you?

Influenza can lead to pneumonia which can kill you. It can also cause you to become dehydrated and you can die from dehydration.

How an epidemic stop without medical interventions?

kill off a substantial number of people

What Kind Of Flu Can Kill You?

People can die of any type of influenza virus infection.

Can Influenza kill you?

Very much so, there are tens of thousands of people killed by influenza, or the complications of influenza, every year in the United States alone. It is estimated that approximately 36,000 people die each year of seasonal flu, mostly the infirm, elderly or very young.

Can influenza still kill people?

yes the elderly, young children, people with long term illnesses eg COPD are most at risk

What disease killed the most people ever?

The influenza epidemic of 1918-1919. See related link. And wash your hands! The Black Death 14th century 75-200 million people

How many people did the Black Death pandemic kill?

About 75 million people died in the epidemic, approximately three-fourths of Europe's population at the time.

What is bad about the flu?

Influenza, or the flu, is a very serious disease. It can kill people, especially very old or very young people who have weaker immune systems.

What are some world events from 1918?

World War 1 ended and the influenza pandemic started, which would kill more people.

What does cholera do?

Cholera may kill you in hours. You have profuse vomiting and severe diarrhoea. You may die of severe dehydration. Cholera may come in epidemic and kill many people in the town.

What does influenza do?

It causes a cold and if it get's really bad it could kill you.

An epidemic of in 1847 caused Native Americans to kill the missionaries in their area?


Can peroxide kill the aides virus?

No. If it were that easy aids wouldn't be an epidemic in some countries.

Does penicillin works against influenza virus?

no, antibiotics kill bacteria/fungi not virus'

How can you prevent your pig from getting swine flu?

For the most part, you don't - influenza travels well on fomites and on people, so unless you keep your pig in strict quarantine for its entire life, it will get influenza at some point. The good news is, for the most part swine influenza doesn't kill the pig - it'll be sick for up to a week but otherwise should be fine.

How long does it take for influenza viruses to kill?

well basically, a 12 year old answered it

Why is the swine flu strain influenza of great concern to some health officials?

Beacase it can kill :( :( :( :(

When did scientists find cure for influenza?

Scientists have not found a cure for influenza. The influenza virus is seasonal, and every year the "flu" is a different strain due to natural mutations. The best we can currently do is give people vaccines which helps your body identify the virus so your body can kill them faster, and these vaccines take time to develop as it is unique to each strain. This is why you need to get vaccinated every year.

What were the three kindes of plague?

Bubonic, Cholera, and even Influenza used to kill hundreds of thousand before vaccines.

Is the flu bacteria or virus or fungus?

The disease called influenza is a virus. No antibiotic can cure or "kill" it since it is not alive.

Do guinea pigs kill people?

Yes They Do Kill People... Yes They Do Kill People... Yes They Do Kill People...

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