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nobody knows but all i can tell you is that he did fire lots of people

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Q: How many people did vince McMahon fire?
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How many children does Vince McMahon have?

Vince Mcmahon has 2 kids Shane Brandon Mcmahon and his daughtor Stephanie Marie McMahon - Levesque

Did the WWE really fire Vince McMahon?

They did many years ago.No they did not!! Vince still Owns the WWE. HHH is just taking over the shows.

How many kids does vince McMahon have?

two Shane and Stephanie

How did Randy Orton won the you quit macth?

he lost but when McMahon went to fire him he punched him in the face and kicked him in the skull. here are the victims of the orton punt HHH,Batista,Vince Mcmahon,Matt Hardy,John cenas father, John Cena? i think,many more.

How many grandchildren does vince McMahon have?

He has four grandkids. Shane has two boys and Stephanie has two girls.

Why is Vince McMahon never at the Hall of Fame ceremonies?

Vince McMahon has always been present at the Hall of Fame ceremonies, he has been seen in the audience many times. July 22, 2008 Vince has been at all the Hall of Fame cermonies, but you will most likely find him backstage making sure everything is running smoothly.

Where does Vince McMahon live?

Greenwich, Connecticut Also has a home in New York

How many matches do i have to win after Vince McMahon talks to me in the beginning of the game in smack down vs raw 2009 on D's?

you have to win 23 more matches

When did randy orton first tap out?

Randy Orton starting doing the head punt in 2005. He took out Vince McMahon like so many before with a punt to the head. This was significant because six months ago McMahon had the pieces of the raw stage fall on him.

Who is WWE tripple h married to?

In real life Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie is the daughter of Vince McMahon who owns the WWE. Triple H and Stephanie have been married for many years now and the couple also have 3 kids. They are happily married and have been for many years.

How many children does Julian McMahon have?

Julian McMahon has 1 child

How many kids does Julian McMahon have?

Julian McMahon has 1 child