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25,000 people die a day and 7,000 of those people live in South Africa

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what could ordinary people do in their daily lives to promote economic growth and prosperity in south africa

It is estimated that up to one billion people in the world suffer daily from hunger.

It varys from person to person but pretty similar to people in anywhere else in the world.

South Africans are very religious and cultural. Dancing is not some sort of daily activity, they only do it on special occasions such as an important person's anniversary or, as I've seen, when the BBC visit. :)

Botswana borders on South Africa - so it is right next to it, but both countries are quite big. If you want to visit both countries you may have to do a lot of travelling. Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and Johannesburg is normally the point of entry for South Africa. The distance between them is 260km, around 3 hours of calm driving. But there are flights daily as well.

South Wales Daily News was created in 1880.

South Wales Daily News ended in 1928.

their sewage and mines pollute their streams and rivers which is the water they use for drinking and daily life they also water their crops with that same water which pollutes their food supply which spreads even more disease to the people there for people are dying from polluted water.

Answer.Impala is an antelope with lyre-shaped horns found in south Africa.Nyala is the answer for Daily Telegraph GK Crossword 15 January 2011

You need to read more about Africa. Most people in Chad are happy with a handful of rice.

the daily life in the South Carolina's colony was that they farmed, cooked, and hunted

The average daily water usage per household in Reddersburg, Free State is 2190 litres

Botswana is a country which is located in South Africa. Some of the newspapers for Botswana include the Botswana Guardian, Daily News, and the Midweek Sun.

Sight Sound Temperature Hunger/Thirst

After Gandhi was kicked off the train, he spent the night on the station platform considering the humiliations that the Indians in South Africa suffered daily.

The daily life of gay people is exactly the same as the daily life of straight people.

In third world countries and countries experiencing famine, millions of children die every year. Also, even in advanced countries like the USA, children ARE hungry on a daily basis. The US sees increases every year in the numbers of families who need food assistance at food banks.

The currency in South Africa is the Rand, denoted by a capital 'R'. The South African Rand code is ZAR. The exchange rate is volatile and market orientated. Per September 2013 $1 buys a little more than R10. As the rate fluctuates on a daily basis it needs to be checked; refer to the link below for a current rate.

One major source of finding news in South Africa is from the state owned South African Broadcasting Corporation, or SABC, either on television in that country or on its website. One could also find online news from AllAfrica or News24. One could also find print based news in the Beeld, Daily Sun, Mail and Guardian newspapers.

The South Wales Evening Post was founded in 1893 with the name South Wales Daily Post. Its name changed in 1932 from the South Wales Daily Post to its current name.

The percentage of people that work out daily is 78%

i know this is for your homwork it out on your own!

7,861,973 people visit Google daily.

The UK appears to be more of a "nanny state" than South Africa. While the crime rate in South Africa is much higher than in the UK, people in SA have more freedom to do their jobs. I spent 5 years in the UK, and from what I could gather people in careers such as the police force and teaching, were unable to properly perform their duties due to the risk of being brought to task by one or another community. Teachers in South Africa have the authority to enforce some form of discipline in their classrooms (not corporal punishment). While the police are given the space they need in which to enforce the law without worrying about who they will insult.Respect still plays a big part of daily life in South Africa. Children respect their elders. While in the UK, children can tell whomever they like to f%$k off, (before throwing a brick at them and recording it on their mobiles) without any fear of reprisal.Apart from that the obvious differences are of course geographical location, climate, currency and culture. Hope this answered your question.