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Q: How many people died at leysin American school?
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Did people died in thomas Edison middle school died?

nobody died in that school trust me :):):)

How many innocent people died in the American Revolution?

About 50 Inocent people die in American revalotion

How many people died in the Florida school shooting?

17 people died in the school shooting that was in Florida, that was on Valentines Day.

How many people all died in the American revolutionay war?

40000 American troops died roughly and about 10000 British troops died in the war

What are the cons of the Spanish American War?

people died....

How many people died in American Civil War?

Approximately 638,000 people

How many people served in the American Revolution and how many died?

380000 served you died

What was the results of British attacks on American cities?

People died.

How many people died on British side in American revolution?


How many people died because of the US Civil War?

Around 600,000 American died.

What were the Consequences fromthe Mexican American war?

well......... people died

How many people died from illness in the american revolution?

More than thirty thousand people died from disease or from being shot