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379 U.S. dead; considerably higher though undetermined Cuban and Filipino casualties. Spain casualties: unknown. McCook (1899 pp. 417-442) who examined each known grave lists each of about 938 dead in his "Index of the Fallen" and mentions 1,415 treated at Siboney Hospital after the battle of San Juan Hill, which would include the numbers killed in the action around fort Canosa (Daley 2000). McCook mentions that very few died of wounds (these are included in the Index) once they reached this hospital. This differs from more official US figures: 385 killed in action 1,662 wounded and 2,061 dead from other causes . Patrick McSherry lists for all theaters 332 combat deaths, 1,641 wounded, other causes of death 2,957, for a total of 3,549 US deaths . Although these figures differ in proportions, the sum of US battle casualties in Cuba are congruent at about 2,200. McSherry lists 21 US Military killed in Philippines and Puerto Rico is about the same approximately 2,000 plus 260 sailors dead in the Maine explosion. The number of Spanish dead in and around Cuba including sailors is hard to estimate: "One century after the war experts still do not a clear idea about the Spanish casualties in the Spanish American War". McSherry estimates 5,000

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Q: How many people died in the Spanish-American War?
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