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During World War II around 64 million people died.

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Q: How many people died in total worldwide during World War 2 and how many were children?
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How many people died in World War 2 worldwide?

Roughly 72 million people died during the world war II

How many people worldwide are believed to have died during World War 2?

58 million

What was expected of Children in the united states during World War 2?


What types of people were chosen for evacuation during world war 2?


What were the effects of the worldwide flu epidemic that erupted during world war 1?

LOTS of people got the flu. I mean LOTS.

How were children involved with Peach Seeds during World War 1?

they pelted people with them.

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People who played football during World War 2?

Prisoners of war, children, and others.

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How did people keep safe during World War 2?

People were evacuated to the countryside or to other countries especially children.

How many planes were used during World War 2?

200,000 worldwide

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What kinds of books did people read during world war 2?

blitz boys and the railway children

Of those killed during World War 2 how many were children?

How many children died during world war II

How much people died during World War 2 worldwide?

In total, it's to be said that 71 Million people died during WW2. This includes 25 Million military deaths and 46 Million civilian deaths.

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No, children had to be seen and not hear during the 40s.

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How many people were evacuated from London in World War 2?

Nearly 2 million people (children too) were evacuated to the countryside during the bombing blitz in England during the war.