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Q: How many people does the company vans employee?
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How many people does vans shoes employ world wide?

Thousands/Millions wear vans 5,683,908

Which company's vans are purple in colour in America?

Among other colors, Sprinter Vans in San Diego, California has purple vans. It is a car rental company. Another company in the United States that has purple vans is Volkswagen, but they must be specially ordered and are not used for company purposes but consumer use.

What companies produce combi vans?

The shoe Combi Vans are produced by the company called Vans. They are a very popular shoe by a variety of people, mostly those who are skateboarders. These shoes come in a variety of colors such as orange, black, and white.

Who does aftermarket high top conversion for vans?

Many people do the aftermarket for high top conversion vans themselves. Body shops will also do this type of work on conversion vans.

How many people are in 1 van if 45 people fit in 3 vans?

15 people would fit in a van. 45(number of people) divided by 3(the number of vans) equals 15

How many people like vans shoes?

alot of people maybe 9/10 ,cuz almost everyone i know like vans , and personally i dont like them

How many 8 passenger vans will it take to transport 124 people?

16 vans. 15 of them will be full and one will have four passengers.

Where is the company for Vans shoes located?

Vans is located in California. They are located in Santa Fe Springs.

What is the parent company of Vans?

i dont think vans has a parent company <and everyone knows there the best shoes in the world, f*ck nike lol>

Which insurance companies provide van insurance?

There are many companies that offer insurance for vans. This company called progressive does.

What type of company would advertise used wheelchair vans for sale?

A company that is geared toward handicap accessibility would probably sell wheelchair vans. Such as Rollx van.

Where can one find a business which provides vans for rent?

One can find vans for rent at your nearest major airplane location. Many car and van companies set up their businesses there so people can rent their cars and vans.

What is the email address for Vans shoes company?

Is the Wicked Vans Company still in business?


What company makes a smart car?

Vans shoes.

Does the shoe company vans hate Jews?


What types of white vans are available to buy?

There are many types of vans available for sale. Cargo vans, panel vans, and mini vans are just some of these types of vans. All of these types of vans are available in a white finish.

Why do you want to work for vans?

A person may want to work for Vans because they simply need a job. They may also want to work for Vans because they enjoy the company and the products they have to offer.

Are there any dealerships in Phoenix that sell just vans?

A1 Vans Rental and Leasing is a company in Phoenix that specializes in vans. They sell pre-owned vans. More info about sales can be found here,

Where can one find to buy used ford vans?

Ford vans are very famous among car buyers. Carmax and many other companies have a list of available cars for sale. One can search for their desired model and company.

How many vans are there in a normal human body?

About 4 vans and 3 minivans About 4 vans and 3 minivans About 4 vans and 3 minivans About 4 vans and 3 minivans

Where can one purchase Vans direct?

Vans direct owns a website, which you can purchase vehicles from. The company only sells vans, which are mainly cheap and used for pickup. However, their services are only availible in the UK.

Are vans a German shoe company?

No vans shoes were founded on the 16th of March 1966 by Paul van Doren in California United States of America. Vans shoes are made in California,Malaysia and Indonesia

Who makes mark III conversion vans?

The company is out of business

What is the stock symbol of Vans Inc. shoe company?