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How many people exercise in the US?

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not enough. the population of the US needs to move more and be more active to combat obesity.

2008-06-21 14:12:08
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How many people do regular exercise?

more people do exercise in outdoor communities

How many people do exercise?

49% people in the USA exercise and it is scientifically proven. (: (: (: :) :) :)

How many people do exercise in gym?


What is karate used for in the US today?

It is used for many things. Some people use it as exercise, others to learn self defense.

Is water exercise only for elderly people?

NO, water exercise is not only for elderly people. many middle age people choose water exercise along with new mothers and their children, it can be good exercise and helps muscle development.

How many people die from lack of exercise each year?

everybody dies from lack of exercise

Why do people exercise?

WHY DO PEOPLE EXERCISEPeople exercise to stay healthy and to live longer with a sense of well-being. For detailed information about the many benefits of exercise, see the page link listed below.WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF EXERCISE7 people, + others below, found this useful.

Were your great-grandparents healthier than us?

yes they were in many ways. one of the ways are exercise. them days people had to walk because they had no vehicles

How many people exercise in their homes in America?

Less than half of the people in American exercise in their homes. This is because most people do not spend much time in their homes.

How many people exercise?

One way or another, everyone does.

How many people don't get enough exercise?

35 percent

Why do people exerciser?

people exercise for many reasons to help there body from cancer and to not be fat

Why do people have to exercise?

The reason why some people have to exercise is to be healthier

How music touch lives?

Music touches peoples lives in many different ways. It reminds us of loved ones that have passed, gives us energy when we exercise, and reminds us of happy times spent with people we love.

Why do people not want to exercise?

people may not exercise because they may be lazy people may not exercise because they may be lazy

why diet and exercise fail good for us or not?

According to my recent studies on this particulat topic, I would have to say that diet and exercise does not fail us and food and exercise are good for us. This is what keeps us healthy.

In order to have a government that adequately represents the people citizens of the US must exercise their right to?

vote in elections.

Why do people crave exercise?

Some people get addicted to the endorphines that are released when they exercise

How many people exercise everyday in NZ?

it doesnt matter,go work out.

Does working off calories with exercise work?

Yes! If you eat you take in calories. If you exercise, you burn calories. The problem is that many people eat too much and exercise too little.

Can you EXERCISE on a low carb diet?

Many people who eats a low carbohydrate diet still exercise, so it's fully possible.

Is it true that people over 40 should not do strenuous exercise?

Absolutely not true. Those of us over 40 should perform whatever level of exercise we are capable of doing.

How many people has electricity in the US?

71% of people in the US have electricity.

Could swimming be enjoyable?

Many people find swimming an enjoyable way to exercise.

How does the heart allow us to exercise?

it pumps the blood to the muscles to do more exercise