How many people have a camera?


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Alot. I mean, there is no specific answer, although 3/4s is a good estimate.


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There is no exact numbers as to how many people in the UK own a camera. Since cameras are now on almost every phone, it is likely millions have a camera in the UK.

the best way to take a picture is to zoom in on a far away object to see how well your camera works. Many people tilt there camera to get the best shots.

There are many digital camera products out there, and a GE Camera is something that you may want to consider buying if this is the type of device you are searching for. People tend to look at the size and features of a camera when they are deciding whether or not it is technology that is right for them.

It's here to stay. Ask your self this question? How many people do I know who DO NOT own a camera? How many do I know that DO own a camera? I'll bet the answer is very uneven.

The best digital camera available depends on many things, but considering quality and user friendly many people believe the Nikon D3000 to be one of the best. It has an in-camera guide to help with getting the best out of your pictures.

was lighter then the old camera it allowed people that were not trained photographers to use a camera

No one knows unless they type that they did, they have a photo, or a camera, and a video camera and it got posted. That is how you will know.

the camera has let people in the 1800's to have memories of past times and events.

Robert Helpmann, Anton Walbrock, on camera. Jacques Fath, the dress designer for Moira Scheirer, and his lesbian wife, off camera.

in botany people use many different things including a camera and a metric ruler

There are many benefits to having camera cases handy if you enjoy photography as a hobby. Many people who use their cameras will often stuff these electronic devices into drawers or cabinets. Unfortunately, you may find that this not only causes wear and tear to your camera but it can also affect the lens which ultimately can distort your photos. That is why it is vitally important to store your device into a camera case. These cases are designed to cushion your camera in order to protect it from damage. The life of your camera will extend and you can better appreciate the art of photography.

Sorry, there is no camera on the 3rd generation iPod touch. I got a 32g 3rd generation iPod touch a few weeks ago and sadly there is no camera. Although, the iPhone does have a camera but many people have claimed that it was very low quality.

How many watts a CCTV camera is depends on the make and the model of the camera. Smaller cameras are as little as 15 and 17 watts.

It depends on what kind of camera it is. Go to where you bought your camera and ask.

The iPod Touch 5th iSight camera is a 5 megapixel camera.

The importance of a camera is to take pictures, so that you can remember the events and people of the past.

Nikon is a very reputable camera brand. Many photography shops and online retailers sell many different Nikon camera models, including the Nikon D80 camera.

camera obscura helped artist draw better outline of people or objects

After a while. people started to accept this innovation.

accurately 169 people which is alot

A camera was developed to help people keep memories of there life. Including visiting family, friends, old school mates, siblings, old school teachers, holidays and many more!!

8 megapixels on the camera of Iphone 4s

There are three syllables in the word camera: cam-er-a

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