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There are 386 Pokemon (387 if you count missingo) and I dout anyone has them without cheating. With cheating I couldn't say for sure but mabye around 1,000 (all you get is a stupid diploma that you need to buy some attachment to print out)

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โˆ™ 2006-04-27 06:13:54
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Q: How many people have all 300 Pokemon?
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If u have a gameshark or ar use the Pokemon modifier and u will have all 300 Pokemon :)

How do you get all 493 Pokemon into Pokemon emerald?

you cant you cane only get about 300 different pokemon

How do you complete your pokedex with all 300 Pokemon?

*cough* more n00bs... there iz 493 Pokemon there was never 300. the closest number to 300 was 251 but hat was 7 years ago PS. what game are you talking about?

What are the action replay codes for Pokemon Red version?

enter this for lvl 300 on all pokemon: 14m4n1gg3r 1347p00n

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It's shadow Lugia it is the strongest card in pokemon. It has 300 hp,and 1,000 attack.I am not joking at all. i have it

AR code for Pokemon pearl all Pokemon caught?


What do you do after you beat Pokemon rangers guardian signs?

next you have to complete all of the quest and capture all 300 Pokemon into your browser and then get lugia or you can go back in time and fight the leader of steelhead

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You people are all cheaters

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649 pokemon.

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Shinx-luxio-to luxray Dialga,Staraptor,eevee,Jolteon,Darkrai i name all there`s more than 300 Pokemon! get the Pokemon diamound book you can find it at BlockBuster

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There are 493 unique Pokemon in all.

Can you catch starter Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

no you can't but if you complete the hoeun pokedex by seeing all the Pokemon (there are about 300 i think) then go to the professors lab he will give you ether a todidile, chickorita, or a qsidiquil (you have to beat the Pokemon league

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trade different people who have them