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At least 3 people have died. 1) A female player known as "Snowly" died after playing for several days, preparing for a difficult part of the game. An online funeral was held by her in game guild mates. 2) A couple left their 4 month old daughter at home, going to an internet cafe to play the game. They intended only to play for about an hour, but lost themselves in the game and returned to their suffocated child. 3) A 13 year old jumped off a cliff, trying to re-enact a scene from the game. 4) A forth was Luke Hedley. He had a massive heart attack after playing for 6 whole minutes. 5) Pie will kill you?

Please exercise self control. If you die IRL, you won't be able to continue playing.

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Q: How many people have died from playing World of Warcraft?
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