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How many people have smartphones?

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Many people

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How many smartphones in the world?

about 150M people

How many people use GPS?

About % of the people with the Smartphones use the GPS.

How smartphones changed how people feel about technology?

Yes because people like how the smartphones have maps on it and also smartphones have games which children can play with so it has chnaged how people feel about technology.

How many people uses smartphones?

let say over 300 million

What percentage of people have smartphones?


How many people in South Africa is using smartphones?

approx 34 million in South Africa

How many types of smartphones are there?


Which people use Samsung smartphones?

People who are smarter than Iphone users)

How many smartphones were sold in 2011?

14,8 million

What carriers provide service for Blackberry smartphones?

Sprint provides service for Blackberry smartphones as well as many other phones. Boost mobile also is a carrier for Blackberry smartphones and is cheaper than sprint.

How many smartphones have been sold in the USA?

Millions have been sold!

What is a tw launcher?

TW launcher is a launcher in Android smartphones (only used in Samsung smartphones) which is used in several phones such as Samsung Galaxy S ,many more...

What are the features on the New Blackberry phone?

There are many features that come with new Blackberry smartphones. Some of these features that are pretty standard on all smartphones are applications, internet access and security.

What are cell phones called that have many built-in PDA capabilities?


How do smartphones improve society?

Smartphones allow for quick transfer of information. They can be used for faster communication and news. Smartphones are also very small, and the technology is very advanced.

What is the advantage of having a hightech cell phone?

Smartphones are convenient and easy to use. They also have multiple functions. In addition to calling and text messaging, people can take pictures, surf the web, play games, watch television, and listen to music. Then, how do people use their smartphones?

What companies make apps for smartphones?

There are too many companies to count that make apps for smartphones. It would depend on what type of app you want in order to find the right company to build the app.

Are there any touchscreen phones that are not smartphones?

yes there is, now not many, i have the reality and i really like it(:

Where can you find a phone in the now?

Many vendors sell smartphones, and they can easily be found on the Web. Try Amazon, eBay, and Dell - all of these have smartphones - or try the Websites of the brands you like, such as Nokia, BlackBerry, etc.

What is the difference between iphone and android smartphones?

The biggest difference among them is that their operating systems are completely different from each other. The brand that makes the iPhone is Apple only, while many brands that make Android smartphones are present in the market.

Are Sony Ericsson mobile phones smartphones?

Not all Sony Ericsson mobile phones are smartphones. Their Xperia line is all smartphones, but they have other models that are not smartphones, for instance, the Yendo. It has nice features like a touch screen and borrows its looks from the Xperia X10 mini, but it is not a smartphone.

Who manufactures smartsphones?

There are many companies manufacturing smartphones. Top of them are Apple (Foxconn), Samsung, Nokia.

How dependent are people on Phones?

It really depends on what you mean. With just the regular phone functionality, people are becoming less and less dependent with the web and email. The internet is changing the way people communicate, so phones aren't as important in communication. If you mean smartphones, then we're not dependent on them at all. If there were no more smartphones, people would just turn to computers. They are essentially the same thing.

How does smartphones work?


Who manufactures smartphones?


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