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Religion in Europe can be confusing because many atheists and agnostics still label themselves as belonging to a Christian Church but only go there for baptisms, weddings and funerals. The Catholic Church is historically the state church (ties broken in early 1800s), but only 64% of the population is now self-identified as Catholic and less than 5% attend Mass weekly. Fifty years ago, France was over 80% Catholic.

In recent polls, about a third of French people state they have "no religion" (this is low for Europe).

Of the rest:

58% are Christian (majority Roman Catholic)

7% Muslim

1% Jewish

1% Buddhist

2% Other

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Are people Christians or Muslims?

People belong to many religions, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Budhism and Islam being a few of them.

What is British religion?

The state religion in the UK is the Church of England, a variety of Christianity, but many people belong to other religions and many people do not regularly attend any form of worship, even if they nominally belong to a religion.

Religion of people of France?

Like many countries around the world, the people of France have many different religions. The government is a secular government and does not recognise any official religion. The traditional religion of France is Catholicism, and there are many Catholics living in France. Some are non-practicing Catholics, which means they have been baptised and/or confirmed but do not regularly attend Church. Other religions practiced in France include Islam (France has many Islamic immigrants from North Africa), Protestant Christianity, and Judaism.

If you profess to believe in Christ why would some religions say you are not a christian?

You become a Christian only if you take Baptism. Many people who believe in Christ belong to other religions as well.

What were the main religions in France in 1914?

Before the onset of World War I in France in 1914, the main religions were Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity. France was a major source of Catholicism for many hundreds of years.

How many different religions are there in France?

France has a Catholicism as the main religion followed by Islam, Protestants and Judaism.

Where do South African's worship?

South Africa has many, many religions. All religions are accepted in the "rainbow nation" so there are many places for South Africans to worship depending on what religion people belong to. There are many churches & temples all over the country. Some people just meet under a specific tree or in a specific field to worship.

How many members does Christianity religion have?

Christianity is not A religion; it is a group of religions that would all believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that through HIM we are saved and can go to heaven. There are many different religions that consider themselves Christians, because of their belief in Christ. There are approximately 2 billion people that call themselves Christians. These people belong to many different denominations, though.

Were The Middle Colonies home to people of many different religions?

Yes, because of the land and free religion many different people of many different religions lived there.

What group of people did the druids belong to?

The druids were part of the Celts. The Celts were a group of people who settled in Gaul (modern day France) Britain, Ireland and many other parts of Europe

What type of religion exist in France?

Well there may be many religions but the main one is Catholicism.

How many obese people in France?

An estimated 55000 People in France

What kind of religion of France?

Allot of france was catholic but I am sure there are all other sorts of religions and beliefs Like England there are many religions, and beliefs, but the majority of France is Catholic, but in different parts of France it may vary, good luck with finding out though, beause this is an intresting question! Best of luck! ;')

How many islands belong to France near Madagascar?

Jon ,jihm,y,me nan

What do French people believe in?

It is hard to say what French people believe in as a group. Like people in the US, many French people are religious, many are not. The majority of people in France are Catholic, but not all of these attend church. There are many different religions in France and the government does not support or promote any one religion. French people have a very strong belief in democracy, fairness and justice. They are very proud of their country, their culture and their language.

What are the major religion or religions practiced in France?

The major religion of France has traditionally been Catholicism. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed in France and there are many religions present there. In modern times the French aren't very religious with a very high proportion of the population claiming to be Atheist.

Which religious group does temple belong to?

Well, there are many of religions who use or have used temples. Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc.

How many people in France?

France has an estimated population of 62,048,473 as of 2008.There are 63 millions people in France

How many people in a square KM in France?

France - 115 people/km2

What religions do Asian people have?

Asian religions are quite varied. Hinduism is praticed by about 800 million people. There is also Buddhism, Shinto (Japan), Christianity, animist religions, and many more.

What type of religions do not believe that god created them?

People belive in what thay want to belive!!!theres so many religions that i don't understand my self but there are three possible religions that i belive won't describe this is private religions are religions and people belive in what they want.this is my opinion.

How many people follow primal indigenous religions?

8 billion people

How many departments belong to France but are not in France?

France has 5 oversea department: Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, La Réunion and Mayotte (last added as a departement in 2011).

Can people really come back after they die?

A number of religions believe that people can come back from the dead. Many people who do not subscribe to those religions do not believe this is possible.

How many homeless people are there in France?

It is estimated that 85,000 to 100,000 people are homeless in France.