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How many people join the internet every day?

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According to the world internet there are around 1,407,724,920 people that use the internet (information taken on March 30th).

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How many people join the internet every day in Pakistan?

How many people join the internet every day in Pakistan?Read more:How_many_people_join_the_internet_every_day_in_Pakistan

How many people join WikiAnswers every month?

over 100 people join this website every month.

How many people join the army every year?

180,000 people join per year

How many people join the Navy every year?

over 2,000,000 people join a year

How many people join World of Warcraft every day?

It is estimated that around 9500 people join World of Warcraft every day.

How many people are connected to the internet?

As of 2014, there are billions of people that are connected to the Internet. Almost every country has some form of Internet.

How many people join the military every year?

like 5

How many people join MySpace every day?

Probably a lot.

How many people a day use the internet?

Billions of people use the internet each day. Since the internet is available in every country and almost every device, people are connected everywhere all the time.

On the Internet or in the Internet?

Well, in my thinking its that who connects the word and join people. For eg. On internet we can be connect as face to face calling. So many features are abailable on internet. You can find any answer on internet and do so many things. For people looking for an actual answer: the correct form is 'on the internet'.

How many people join facebook a day?

As Of 2011, About 700,000 People Join Facebook Every Day. The Previous Answer Was About 2,000,000 People, Which Isn't Correct. But Yea, It's About 700,000 People A Day.

How many people search the internet for cars every day?

i think 222222,323,323

How many people join the US Marines each year?

there are about 50,000 people that inlist for the marines every year

How many people log on to the Internet every second?

1 1 1 1

How many people join Facebook every day?

Let's try closer to 700-750,000 as of 2009.

How many people join the garda siochana every year?

Only 1,000,000 are allowed each day

How many adults on Facebook?

There are millions of people on facebook.Some people pretend to be adults.They can be younger/older. Every day people joinfacebook.

How many accounts are in Club Penguin?

The amount of accouts on Club Penguin change every day due to the fact that people join every day.

How many people join facebook in a hour?

the number changes every hour/quite alot of people/13 of my friends did in 1 hour

How many people in Thailand own a computer?

Roughly 8,600,000 people use the Internet every day in Thailand. Finding out how many "People" in Thailand own a computer is information you would have to ask your local Internet provider(They should know).

How many people in the world die every second?

According to the Internet, roughly 1.8 die people die each second.

How many people play guild wars?

alot of people play guild wars its hard to give an exact number because people join every day.

How many people created the internet?

3 people created the Internet.

Why did people join the chartists?

They wanted to join it as many people were working class and they wanted the vote and one way to do that was to join the chartists

How many people die from pranks every year?

It doesn't exactly say anywhere on the internet but there is a few thousand, I believe.