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definitly rap look on iTunes and look at the top songs ull see that theres almost no rock songs compared to rap just an example: Lil Wayne made like 1.3 mill in the first week when he released carter 3

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What types of music do they listen to in Hong Kong?

what kind of music do 'they' listen to in america? rock, rap, pop, etc. or J-rock, J-hiphop, j-pop, you get the point

What kind of people listen to rock music nowadays?

Anyone can listen to rock music nowadays, such as adults, teenagers, etc. Rock music is a genre that anyone can listen to, well a person who likes hard music with guitars. Many people listen to rock, and it doesn't have to be a specific person.

What genre of music is popular?

That can be sensitive to the location and users. Many people like hiphop these days as well as heavy rock and alternative.

How many people listen to rock?

About 18% of the teenagers and 35 % of "grown ups" listen to rock.(Rock varying from rock/pop to hardrock to a little bit of metal)Several millions.

How many people in America listen to rock n roll music?

A lot

Why do old people listen to rock music?

Rock music was developed in the 60's and most people who listen to Rock Music where teenagers or young adults during that time.

How many people listen to Rock music?

Studies show that only 18% of teens listen to rock music today. The other 82% are now listening to pop music and rap.

What rap group did both hiphop and rock?

Linkin parK

What genre of music do argetina people listen to?

Many people in Argentina listen to Latin music. Other popular genres may be hip hop, Latin jazz, or rock.

Percentage of people who listen to country music?

about 20% percent of people listen to country. i myself prefer rock

What type of music do people from Alabama listen to?

Country, southern rock, 60's&70's rock, blues...... There are many more.

What percentage of people listen to rock music?


Why do people listen to rock and roll?

Because they like it.

What types of music do people in Oman listen to?


What percentage of people listen to rock?

About 28% of people in the United States.

What music do people listen to in japan?

People in Japan listen to basically everything. Pop, rock, and yes in some parts they do listen to bluegrass or country.

What percent of Americans listen to rock?

a lot of people do like 100%% people do

What are punk rockers?

People who listen to punk rock music.

What is the type of music that people listen to in the 1970s?

Rock and Disco

What kinds of music do people from Argentina listen to?

rock music

What music do people listen to in Ireland?

The kind of music that people listen to in Ireland varies depending on individual preference. Some of the most common types include rock, indie rock, Irish rock, and folk music.

I listen to heavy metal and a rock but a lot of people think the only thing i listen to is metal and i want people to know i listen to classic rock and heavy metal?

I don't think it matters if you listen to both or not. You could bring up music in conversation with people and discuss it then, but thats kind of pretentious.

What kind of the music are there?

jazz,punk,goth,hiphop,rock and roll,contry,

Are people who listen to classical music smarter than people who listen to rock music?

No, they just have different taste in music. thanks for the answer!!

What is the percentage of people who listen to rock?

the correct persentage is about 55% and the persentage of young people who like rock is only about 2%.

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